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German Shepherd Dog
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Ah, Aggression in dogs, we get it! When your dog seems to attack and lung at everything they can see, regardless of how far away it might be, you really have a hard time understanding your dog’s behavior. What if they bit someone or hurt me, my children or someone else’s dog? My dog might even get me into trouble with the law. Do not let your fear of dog aggression or your embarrassment hold you back. Believe it or not, your aggressive dog can become the best things in your life. We do not care if you have the smallest ankle biter or the largest raging beast. We are here to help any and all dogs.

Bad training equals more dog aggression or worse

You do not want to waste your time with bad dog training advice you got from the internet or your neighbor or many of the other dogs trainers you want to help your dog. Poor dog training like behaviorist dog training can increase your dog’s aggression toward humans or attempts to attack other dogs. Poor dog training choices can also lead to more severe fear, anxiety and even depression in dogs. Now, you might want to set down for this one, dog aggression is not a dog obedience problem. We know, maybe you can’t even leave the house to take your dog on a walk without them pulling you around and attacking everything that moves. Seems like disobedience, right? Watch Nigel’s video found below. You are here because you are not sure how to get your dog to stop being aggressive. Well, all of that is our job. Just contact us, we are looking forward to getting to know you and your dog.

Yes, psychology is better than animal behavior, sorry

Absolutely love aggressive dogs, you have to have your psychology chops down and there is the aspect of a little danger. Yes, you are in good hands, we enjoy the “bitey” dogs. From an evolutionary perspective, aggression is a skill used for defense, communication and in order to eat dinner. Our model of treating canine aggressive is based on a deeper understanding of animal and human behavior. Using cognitive behavioral dog training techniques, we help your dog have a better life over all. The majority of dog trainers are behaviorist and not behavior experts, we know both. Simply, psychology, we call it cognitive behavioral dog training, has better solutions. That is why Motley Dog Training was created.

Motley Dog Training

Our founder has been at this for decades and has actual helped improve dog training and methods used to help dogs. Episodic memory and learning, two-way communication and non-verbal comms, Improving priming and cueing effects to help dogs. Elaboration and scenarios training. Cognitive framing and reframing in canines. Just to name a few. We have contributed to the field of canine behavior and the actual science of dog training. We help you and your dog, not just any dog. There are many factors that are more important than categories of dog aggression. Knowing and understanding things like this are what make us elite. Motley education and experience with the matter at hand. We are not limited to the world of dog training, we have expanded our education, experience and techniques beyond what is offered to dog trainers. Where your dog is aggressive is a good place to be cautious and manage your dog. Help them through the “triggered” event. However, understanding dog aggression and how to successfully treat it goes far beyond triggers.

My Dog is Aggressive, what do I do right now!

Contact us. We will set up your first session. While you are waiting for your session, work on the following two things that are very important in changing the world for you and your dog.

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  • Motley Dog is here to help. For now, keep your dog out of situations that cause aggression.
Kiss your vet


Make sure it is not something medical. Medical problems can cause dog behavior problems, just like in humans so, if you are a little aggressive and biting others, you might want to see your doc too. Anxiety causes a lot of dog aggression. Don’t worry, figuring out what you and your dog need is our job! Just show up with a dog!

Feeding your dog

This matters for health and behavior, so, this is not where you save your money.

Why is my dog aggressive?

A Dog That is not really Aggressive

We have been at this for almost three decades and can tell you with little doubt that there are three main things that cause dog aggression or make aggressive tendencies worse. When you contact Motley, this is where we start. Attempting to train an aggressive dog can be dangerous, we do not recommend it.

Most dog trainers are not behavior experts so, unless you get lucky, typical dog trainers that also work with aggressive dogs is a risk. Yes, you have to observe the dog’s behavior in many situations to know how best to help and train a dog. This also lets us know if we are on the right track in reducing dog aggression. Novice dog trainers, use, the same thing for every dog based on triggers and hope for the best.

Types of Aggression

Types of aggression, it is our job to figure out why your dog is aggressive and determine the best treatment and dog training for the two of you. People confuse dog aggression triggers and the cause of the unwanted or unwarranted canine aggression. That is why we are here to help you and your dog. Your job is just to show up with a dog or puppy. We will lead you through all the rest.

Reactive Dogs and Dog Aggression

You just never know when you will come across some useful information on the internet. Thank you to the American Kennel Club. Trying to explain to people the difference between a reaction and aggression or anxiety in dogs has been a challenge but, this is a must-read for those of you out there that use the term reactive dog.

Our Teams Say it Best!

What will your dog story be?

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I recommend Motley Dog training, Motley is great to work with, you don’t feel like just another client. He takes the time to get to know you and your situation. I thought I had an aggressive dog, no-it was me, and Motley explained why my GSD was acting the way he was. He took the time to work with me and my dog, so we could achieve my goal of calmer and obedient dog. We still have work to do, but at least it is going in a positive direction, and I am so happy about it.
Motley is upfront, honest and patient, and he wants you to succeed-you can’t ask for more than that
Thank you!

Aggressive Dog information

There are a few things we are going to need to know before we meet you and your dog. Answering these questions will keep you safe, us safe and most important keep your dog safe and out of jail.

What is your dog’s name?

What aggressive behaviors concern you about your dog?

Has your dog ever bitten a person or another dog?

What is your dog’s medical history and current status?

These are just a few questions to get you started helping your dog.

We Love all Dogs

We study all aspects of animal and human behavior, as well as new dog training. We take the best of it, to help you and your dog. Motley offers Cognitive Behavioral Dog Training, Dog Training that will help you achieve any goal that you and your dog might come up with. From dog obedience to the very difficult cases of extreme canine anxiety or dog aggression of any type. Our lead dog has an MS in Behavioral Sciences and decades of experience. Yes, this is more effective than any other dog training or dog behavior modification.

Court Cases and Dog Aggression

We have chosen not to handle these cases. Get your dog help before you need to evaluate your dog for court. This is the less expensive option.