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Dog behavior training for any canine and any K9 behavioral challenge. Do you have a dog that might have aggression or anxiety? Maybe your dog is fearful, shy or just to energetic? We only offer private dog behavior services in Broomfield, co. and the surrounding areas. This is by appointment only.

Not Just another Dog Trainer

Training with Motley is like an adventure for you and your dog. We are one of the first to use cognitive behavioral dog training. We are the leaders of real world dog training. Our teams move at their own pace because we know that no two dogs or people are the same.

Dog Dog Eurasier Eurasier Plinn Blue  - JACLOU-DL / Pixabay

We know that your dog is not just another dog! That is why we are not just another dog training company.

Cognitive Behavior Dog Training

Who in their right mind would open just another dog training business? Certainly not us! Yes, we are a special breed! We have been in business for more then a decade and the majority of our team members are referrals from former team members and other area dog professionals.

Our Teams Say it Best!

Great Quality & Price

Check out Motley Dog Training. Reasonable pricing compared to other trainers, and Motley puts in a lot of thought and energy into understanding your dog, not just during the time he is physically with you during training. Helped us a lot with a young dog who just wouldn’t stop biting us. Now she is a fantastic, though mischievous, little pup.

Always there for you

We highly recommend Motley Dog Training! Motley, is so kind and attentive to our dog and is teaching us great foundations that we are able to build on. He is great at following up, and he’s always available to ask questions or advise in between sessions. We’ve already seen an improvement with our dog.

Change your thinking

The training session with Cleo was so great. It really changed our thinking about how to begin her training and how to build a good relationship with her. We started taking our cues from her body language, and she can tell 🙂 She seems much more confident even after just going to a few parks.  

what your dog's behavior really means.

What will your dogs story be?

We often get comments like this from new teams:

Thank you so much for this information.  We have gone through more training than I care to admit (including a 5 class leash reactivity class) and this is the first time anyone has told me this.

Thanks again,

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