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New and better methods to help dogs and to train dogs. We are your neighborhood dog training professional and dog behavior expert. All you need is a dog. Your job is easy, just contact Motley, and we will guide you from there. Don’t worry about what class to join or what training you need, that is our job, we will help you succeed.

If you have a dog or puppy, yes, we can help.


Puppy Training

Puppy Obedience training,

We do Puppy Socialization right, and so much more.

Do you have a puppy?

Yes, we can help.

Training for Anxious, Fearful Dogs

Fearful dog

My dog barks all the time at everything

My dog tears stuff up when I am not at home

Does my dog have dog anxiety?

How do I socialize a fearful dog?

How do I train a dog with anxiety?

Training for Aggressive Dogs

Dog aggression

Aggressive dog training.

How to train an aggressive dog?

Yes, you can train and aggressive dog.

Understanding Dog Aggression and Dominance

Why is my dog aggressive?

My dog pulls and lunges at everything

My dog scares people and sometimes my dog scares me

Training obedient dogs

Military Working Dogs

Dog Obedience Training! AKA dog training. We know dog training. We are supposed to be the experts, so, you do not need to worry about choosing the class that is right for you or your dog. Not only that, but we help dogs with anything and everything for one low price. $150 per session, or you can prepay for four sessions at $500.00.

There is nothing wrong with my dog, I just want an obedient, well-trained family dog.

Experts in Psychology and Dog Training :

Angel Dog Devil Dog

Dog training, Dog Behavior Expert, Animal Behavior, Conditioning, and/or Psychology. What is all of this stuff? How does it help my dog? Why would my dog need psychology?

Worried about your dog?

Your dog is a Toddler

Relax, Motley has got this!

Build the Foundation

Face Challenges

Build a Team

Our Teams Say it Best!

What will your dog story be?

Afraid of new things

Motley dog training was wonderful. My dog and I learned a lot through our month of dog training. He listens better, is handling excitement better, but more than anything this training helped me (as the owner) the most. I have learned how to communicate with my dog to better his behavior as well as my own.

We highly recommend Motley Dog Training! Motley, is so kind and attentive to our dog and is teaching us great foundations that we are able to build on. He is great at following up, and he’s always available to ask questions or advise in between sessions. We’ve already seen an improvement with our dog.

NEW GS Puppy

The training session with Cleo was so great. It really changed our thinking about how to begin her training and how to build a good relationship with her. We started taking our cues from her body language, and she can tell 🙂 She seems much more confident even after just going to a few parks.  

If you’re looking for a top-notch dog trainer. Motley is your guy!!!

What do I do next?

Your job is easy, tell us why you want dog training or help for your dog. We are the experts, so, it is our job to take it from there. We just need you to show up with a dog.

Motley Dog Training

What areas do we serve?

We train in the Broomfield area but, if you can get to us, we will help.

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