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get your dog thinking

How to Get Your Dog Thinking

Getting your dog thinking a look at a couple of the techniques we use at Motley Dog Training with an at home exercise just for you and your dog.

January 19, 2024 /
GS puppy

Is Your Puppy a Little Challenge?

Puppy fear and anxiety with an real world exercise you can try. Who loves puppy breath? Let us know how it goes.

March 7, 2023 /
Aggression in dogs

We love to Train Aggressive Dogs

The most common causes of dog aggression and dog bites are, anxiety poor training and/or handling.

May 9, 2022 /

Ready? Get Help With Dog Behavior Training Now!

Dog Behavior, no collars or devices used or needed.

Just positive Dog behavior training,

let us help you get started right now!

How to dog behavior training for any canine and any K9 behavioral challenge. Do you want to learn to help your dog with aggression or anxiety? Maybe your dog is fearful, shy? Maybe you have a dog that just does things that get on your nerves? Just contact us and tell us how we can help. We only offer private dog behavior services in Broomfield, co. and the surrounding areas. This is by appointment only. A little bite about us:

Dog Behavior Goes Beyond Dog Training

This is not your typical dog training class were everyone learns the same thing. We do not offer classes. It is all private and personalized dog training. Motley focuses on what you and your dog need. We are one of the first to use cognitive behavioral dog training, episodic elaboration training and scenario training. We are the leaders of real world dog training. Our teams move at their own pace because we know that no two dogs or people are the same.

Dog Fight

Best way to help my aggressive dog?

Fear of walking on a leash

Best way to help my fearful, anxious dog?

Dogs love bog rolls

Best way to get my dog to listen to me?

Our Teams Say it Best!

Great Quality & Price

Check out Motley Dog Training. Reasonable pricing compared to other trainers, and Motley puts in a lot of thought and energy into understanding your dog, not just during the time he is physically with you during training. Helped us a lot with a young dog who just wouldn’t stop biting us. Now she is a fantastic, though mischievous, little pup.

Always there for you

We highly recommend Motley Dog Training! Motley, is so kind and attentive to our dog and is teaching us great foundations that we are able to build on. He is great at following up, and he’s always available to ask questions or advise in between sessions. We’ve already seen an improvement with our dog.

Change your thinking

The training session with Cleo was so great. It really changed our thinking about how to begin her training and how to build a good relationship with her. We started taking our cues from her body language, and she can tell 🙂 She seems much more confident even after just going to a few parks.  

Better Dog Behavior

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