Remembering My Son, Motley Dog 24, June 2022

Remembering my son, my lil boy, is an experience of contradiction. Some of you may not have realized this just yet, but, when you love an animal, you are free to give them your whole heart without fear. You do not need to hide or hold back anything from an animal. With people, no matter Dog Behavior GO!

Better Treatment & Training for Dogs with Anxiety

We specialize in working with dogs that have fear based issues like aggression and canine separation anxiety. Many behaviors that we are asked about, have a basis in fear and anxiety. Just like we humans, you might be highly intelligent and know all the stuff on that test but, anxiety makes it almost impossible to Dog Behavior GO!

I Think I have an Aggressive Puppy

Dog Aggression, The case of the puppy that could not help but, attack her people. “Rory” and her people are great! They did all the hard work, stood by their pup when things got ugly, they followed the training. We include this case to let you know that we can handle the unusual, difficult and Dog Behavior GO!