Why would my dog need Psychology?

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When most people here the term Psychology, they think the worst. The nutter that has mental problems and needs medical intervention with a little talk therapy on the side. This is only a very small part of what the science of psychology has to offer. We study everything from better methods of learning to how to help a person that has lost touch with reality. Psychology is the study of behavior. Psychology is where all the dog training worth knowing came from. I prefer the term Behavioral Sciences because it is more descriptive of what is going on around here. The problem with using the term behavior is that people conflate this with Behaviorism. This is an old school body of work from psychologists that in the simplest form is the study of conditioning and conditioning techniques. Just one of many, many tools that we use. The intention of basing our training off of the best and most current science is in order to offer our dogs the very best. No, your dog does not need to have a psychological problem to benefit from Cognitive Behavioral Dog Training.

Psychology is for dogs that just want the best

Psychology comes up with better ways to communicate with dogs, get dogs thinking, and far better methods to training dogs. This means that if you have a dog with no behavioral challenges and want a method of dog training that is not as limiting as conditioning, then you are in luck. All the typical dog training, dog behavior and so on is watered down psychology. We keep up on that. The truth is that all of our dogs face psychological challenges just like we do. Are you having a more difficult time than you normally do learning the new stuff for work? This is due to stress. Stress effects us all in differing ways, some of us even perform better under stress. We study useful things like this, that is why professional sports organizations use sports psychology. I know, you just want an obedient family dog, not a sport dog.

Why are you really on our site today?

You just want an obedient family dog, you have tried or are trying to find an answer on the Google because something is not going to plan, or you are just interest and learning about dogs. For those that are simply curious and learning about dogs, the dogs, thank you! The most important thing we can teach you is that dog people, dog experts and even veterinarians are lost in behaviorism and the very limited confides of a simple theory created by psychologist however, in psychology we use these theories in limited ways. The study of behavior is vast and includes other disciplines in science so, if you are only reading dog training blogs, dog training books and trying to master animal behavior based only on the work of animal behaviorists you are seriously limiting your understanding of behavior. For those of you that are trying to self train a dog, if you are having a hard time, that is normal.

We offer better training

Yes, training a dog is teaching a dog. Just as you and I have rough spots learning or performing on occasion, so, do dogs. Because we are experts in behavior not just dog training or dog behavior, we can tell you that these things are normal. The concern is that dog trainers even the dog behavior experts are lost in conditioning so, they have a very limited understanding of behavior and few methods to manipulate dog behavior. We covered what they know and a lot of stuff beyond. How can we make such an outlandish claim, we study behavior not just dog training, we have more options, education and real world experience. Psychology makes every dog’s life better, not just the dogs with behavioral issues but, if your dog has a behavioral issue, we have got that covered.

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The use of specialties in behavioral sciences like social psychology and developmental psychology means that we have better puppy training. We have even succeeded at helping puppies with difficult behavioral challenges. Motley Dog Training in Action

Some dogs are thinkers

We study all aspects of animal and human behavior, as well as new dog training. We take the best of it, to help you and your dog. Motley offers Cognitive Behavioral Dog Training, Dog Training that will help you achieve any goal that you and your dog might come up with. From dog obedience to the very difficult cases of extreme canine anxiety or dog aggression of any type. Our lead dog has an MS in Behavioral Sciences and decades of experience. Yes, this is more effective than any other dog training or dog behavior modification.