Leash pull has its uses

One of the Most Common Dog Training Questions

Why do dogs pull on the leash and how to stop it? Seems to be the #1 Google search for Dog Training advice? Well, at least we think so, but, Searching the web to be certain we are up on all the latest in dog training technique, we were not surprised by this result. I have no idea how many of these blogs and videos I have watched over the years but, the advice is all far too similar. We made a couple of observations that may help.

Obviously Google Self Dog Training Does Not Work

The first observation is simply the fact, people asking us and google about why do dogs pull on the leash? Is and has been the top of the list of questions for dog trainers for years so, obviously training your dog DIY via YouTube video and dog training blogs does not work. The second observation is that we have found zero references that include how to build a foundation for teaching your dog to walk on a leash. People, even dog people, get a dog and toss on a lead and hope for the best. But, what do you do when hope fails you and your dog?

There is no such thing as a no pull harness

Ok, you have that new puppy or dog you have a fancy new leash and off you go. Your dog is pulling you everywhere, and you are almost unable to accomplish walking your dog around the block, what to do? What to do? Petco, Petsmart are supper convenient places for dog supplies but, we prefer to support our local pet businesses whenever we can but, they will not tell you not to buy. Larry’s fabulous no pull harness. Why would they?

There are Only Two Causes of Leash Pulling

Types of leash pulling in dogs, what is this, you say? Yes, as behavioral experts, we like to break things down in order to predict and alter canine and human behavior.

One: Emotion motivations for dogs pulling on their lead. Fear, anxiety, aggression or over excitement (which might be fear based but, some dogs just have that much juice.) like our friend the Belgian Malinois.

Leash pulling due to fear
Poor handling of the dog or bad training advice.
Poor Dog Training or Advice

Two: Having no foundation for the basics of walking on a leash. Poor training and advice is what is comes down to.

Why do dogs pull on the leash and how to stop it!

That should cover the “why” part. To review, emotional motivation, fear, aggression, anxiety or just has the juice. And, in many cases, poor training and/or advice on how to teach your dog to walk on a leash. Yes, the majority of the information on the Google misses the part about teaching your dog to walk on a leash in the first place, and so do most dog trainers. The how to stop your dog from pulling requires some work. So, let’s discuss what is involved.

Motley Dog Training Method for training your dog to walk on a leash

The foundation

So, what is the foundation of dog training? These are the tools you and your dog have learned to communicate, teach and learn new behavior. You will notice that only the saddest cases on the WWW ask about things like how to train my dog to sit, down and stay. Stay is like more difficult but, all of these dog obedience commands All dogs know how to sit, down and stay. Your job is to devise a comms method that lets the dog know when you want them to do these things. In the wild Mom wonders off to get food and from the beginnings of life pups learn to stay.

Get to Know Your Dog

See, your dog really is far more intelligent than you thought. The difference is the Mother dog knows how to communicate what she wants and understands how dogs work. That is why this is rule one here at Motley Dog Training. It is not your dog’s job to understand you, it is your job to understand your dog and how your dog works.

It ain’t over till it is over!

Why do dogs pull on the leash? & how to stop it! I think we have the why. Now the how, assuming you have built that strong foundation.

Every try to train a dog to come, heel? This two is a common mystery of dog training, and the answers on the internet are entertaining and on occasion useful. Dogs are individuals some dogs or puppies live to follow you around and have little problem with the idea that on occasion you will call them to get by your side.

You see, the problem arises when you wait until chaos ensues or that occasion when you want your dog to heel, come or whatever you call them and are surprised when your lack of consistency and situational awareness fails the team. This is 100% just like why your dog pulls you around on their leash. You have to practice use consistent comms and work your way up to performance in chaos. How long this takes depends on you and your dog.

As will all things in life, some dogs are good at leash walking and some are not. This is not a dominance thing, it is a skill you need to slowly teach your dog. Small Victories.

Why do dogs pull on the leash and how to stop it?

You have to earn it, and learn how to drive your dog

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