Where to start with a new Puppy? Obedience or socialization?

Mom and pups, most important part of puppy socialization.

Ok, who does not love to play with puppies man they are adorable, right! You, see the lil fur ball, and before you know it the two of you are at home, and you are pulling your hair out! The puppy is peeing everywhere, They get so excited that they won’t listen to a word you say? Puppies love to bite and hey it was adorable at the rescue but, wow the puppy won’t stop biting and hey, it hurts, help! Yes, puppies are very cute but, are a lot of work, we are here to make things easier.

Puppy Obedience Training

Of course, we cover everything any other dog training professional would cover and more. The difference is that this is designed to help you and your puppy succeed in the real world, not just a classroom. Yes, other dog trainers are slowly beginning to understand this but, why not come to the people that started it and get it right the first time. Puppies grow up into dogs quickly, so, the job of you and your pup is to have a good time. We will worry about the other stuff and get the two of you through it.

Puppy Training

Fun things we are about to teach you :

  • How to have a secure attachment with your puppy. Beyond bonding with your dog.
  • How to avoid separation anxiety in puppies
  • What is anxiety and aggression and how to avoid it in the first place.
  • What is actually the best way to teach your dog.
  • Puppy socialization done right
  • We have more

Right now, we want you to play with your puppy and pay attention to how they behave.

Experience and supervised play

Experience and play, the most important psychological developmental tools for puppies. You do these things with your puppy one on one. Introduce them to everything sites, sounds, tastes and smells that are safe. We want to know how these adventure went. How does your dog behave around other dogs and people? How do they feel about sudden noises or unexpected events. Your job to protect and direct and let us know what happened. We will help you lean how to teach your puppy. Right now, we want the two of you out in the world experiencing anything and everything you can and want to that is safe.

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Terrier pups are adorable

How to discipline a puppy

How do you correct, punish or discipline a puppy. We will cover the dos and don’ts of puppy behavior. This question is frequently asked when puppy potty training or obedience training is not going to plan. Often it is in regard to the puppy not listening to you.

My puppy won’t listen to me

We are going to help you with this. Try teaching your puppy their name. Be entertaining and creative about it. There are many reasons a puppy or dog seems to not want to listen to you. We will explain all of this and how to properly improve these skills. Yes, just like with people, listening is a skill. So, don’t be so hard on your significant other when they are not listening to you. They just need someone to teach them to listen.

What about puppy biting

Yes, puppies bite, that is one of their jobs. They need to learn this skill to communicate as dogs. They are also teething just like we do, so, it is a phase we must all conquer with our pup. Yes, we will get the two of you through this.

Potty Training a Puppy

Potty-train a puppy is not that difficult! We were a little socked at the number of Google searches for this one. There are behavior challenges like anxiety that cause potty training to be more difficult, and we will help you determine if this is the case. There are also common mistakes people make that cause toilet training to be harder than it needs to be.

Puppy Socialization Training

Pups need to be with their mom and the litter for a minimum of eight weeks, socialization between humans and dogs can begin at this time but, keep the pup with his or her family. Yes, your dog’s brain is developing at a fast rate during this period but, anxiety, aggression and other psychological disorders are not based on deficits in social skill. Social experiences for your pup should be safe and always supervised. Social interaction and experience should begin right away. We will teach you the proper method of introducing two dogs and how to properly introduce your puppy to people. No, this has absolutely nothing to do with sitting or treats. It is important to know how to correctly teach your dog social skills, and can be dangerous if you do not know how to do this properly.

We are here for your puppy no matter what

Some dog trainers will not accept puppies beyond a certain age into puppy training groups, and that is fine. We teach your pup regardless of what challenges the two of you face.

Hot topics in puppy training that we have a handle on:

Separation anxiety in dogs and puppies

Puppy Aggression

Puppy Anxiety

Timid or fearful Puppies

Create Training

Bonding with a Puppy

Clicker Training

Because we have more tools to work with and the fact that we set up our business for the best training, we can help your puppy with any obstacle without you being forced to choose between trying to socialize your puppy or help your puppy with other behavioral problems. We know that they are one and the same, not separate issues. As always, this training and treatment is designed just for you and your dog. If your k9 has other challenges, they will not be solved in puppy training group anyway.

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Thinking about getting a puppy? Choosing the right dog for you and your family is very important. Just like dog breeds come with common health concerns, behaviors that are often seen as undesirable are common in many breeds so, get to know your dogs and choose one that fits who you are.

Dog Selection Medical Condition

Dog Selection Behavior

Training for aggressive puppies

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All breeds of dogs can be trained

We study all aspects of animal and human behavior, as well as new dog training. We take the best of it, to help you and your dog. Motley offers Cognitive Behavioral Dog Training, Dog Training that will help you achieve any goal that you and your dog might come up with. From dog obedience to the very difficult cases of extreme canine anxiety or dog aggression of any type. Our lead dog has an MS in Behavioral Sciences and decades of experience. Yes, this is more effective than any other dog training or dog behavior modification.