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Dog Obedience

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Training For Any Dog

Tier One Dog Training

Dog Training of the best. Based on SOCOM approved training techniques, and behavioral sciences like psychology.

The goal is to do such a good job of teaching the dog and meeting the dogs needs that the use of force is never necessary.

Working dogs such as in the military and law enforcement are responsible for saving lives. This is different from common dog training in precision, order of operations and behavioral analysis. Dog trainers have been attempting to incorporate psychology and behavioral science into dog training which we have already achieved.

Canine Cognitive Behavioral Dog Training

Cognitive simply refers to all the stuff going on inside an animal’s head at any given time. Dogs learn best by experience, much like people do. Dogs are very motivated and creative when they decide that they want something. The key to obedience is knowing your dog.

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Dog of all kinds

Dog Obedience

You have a new puppy, you are very proud of them and want to get it right the first time:

Why are we the best choice? We have experience and expertise that goes far beyond just dog training. Our practice focuses on the difficult behavioral challenges of canines so, we know how to get you and your dog through the “ruff” spots.

Dogs love bog rolls

You are always in the right dog training class:

We are experts in bad dog behavior so, you are always in the right class and you always fit in because we only offer private dog training. Our trainers will direct every aspect of your training so, that you are always focused on what will improve your dog the most.

Dog Training Tools

Just a word about dog training tools. Collars, gentle leaders, and or special, no pull harnesses. These tools are not were you start. In the majority of cases if we are consistent, committed and follow our training plan none of these devices should ever be necessary.

We Build Teams

Tier One dog training is focused on functioning in real world situations and our K9 obedience training is based on this simple principle. We build teams.

Leadership is trust
Leadership is trust

Not Sure if Your Dog needs dog behavior training or obedience dog training?

Set up your first session with Motley and let us see what we are working with. Tearing up that TP could be a fun experience of puppy-hood or a sign of canine separation anxiety. All K9’s are assessed before we create your dog training plan. This saves time and effort because you know exactly what you and your dog need to focus on to achieve your dog training goals.


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