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Dog Obedience

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Tier One Dog Training is based on SOCOM approved training techniques, and psychology.

Canine Cognitive Behavioral Dog Training

Cognitive simply refers to all the stuff going on inside an animal’s head at any given time. Dogs learn best by experience, much like people do. Dogs are very motivated and creative when they decide that they want something. The key to obedience is to know your dog and help them understand the context and expectations. . Motley Methods and Philosophy

Dog Obedience

You have a new puppy, you are very proud of them and want to get it right the first time:

Why are we the best choice? We have experience and expertise that goes far beyond just dog training. Our practice focuses on the difficult behavioral challenges of canines so, we know how to get you and your dog through the “ruff” spots.

You are always in the right dog training class:

We are experts in bad dog behavior so, you are always in the right class and you always fit in because we only offer private dog training. Our trainers will direct every aspect of your training so, that you are always focused on what will improve your dog the most.

Real world training is not just wondering out and training your dog in a store or a park. Elite dog training requires planing and design. The most important factors in training you dog have nothing to do with what treats or collars you choose.

There is far more to dog training then passing out commands and treats but, to get the most out of your puppy or dog you have got to have a complete plan, not just a dog training trick. You have to learn your job and execute the plan in the correct order and with focus.

People actually waste much of their dog training time trying to do things in the fastest, easiest and cheapest manner possible. If this is your fist dog we are going to help you get it right the first time. If you are not having much success with other dog training methods well, that is why we opened our business. We knew there was a better way!

We Build Teams

Tier One dog training is focused on functioning in real world situations and our K9 obedience training is based on this principle. This is not going to be what you expect. If you are looking for main stream dog obedience training for your dog you can choose almost any other dog training company.

Dogs love bog rolls

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A few examples, Leash pulling is as much what you are doing or not doing as it is about what your dog wants or knows how to do!

Does you dog bite, snap and bark at the most inconvenient times? Well, just like leash pulling these behavior has more to do with what you know and what you do as it does with your dog. The truth is that every dog behavior you love or hate has as much to do with what you do as it does about your dog, so let’s make you a team that can do anything the two of you want to do!

We Offer More

Just like all the other services we offer we do everything we can to give our teams more. This is not just dog obedience training. We cover every aspect of dog behavior and training so, unlike dog trainers you will leave with what your need and you have to do is follow the program.

Not Sure if Your Dog needs dog behavior training or obedience dog training?

It is our job to assess you and your dog and figure out what we need to teach you. Our focus is to teach you the things that are most important in order to really improve a dogs life. It they are happy and healthy you will get much more from your dog.


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