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Elite Dog Obedience Training

The BIG “O”, Obedience Training we joke around with this because everyone seems to believe that regardless of the cause of your dog’s behavior, it has got to be lack of Obedience? Just so you know, our K9 Obedience training is a combination of Military, Police, Psychology and a few others loose ends. Do not worry, you do not need to be elite. We work with any dog, any puppy from beginner to dog experts.

Our founder has studies all the creditable dog training methods and philosophies:

Popular dog training methods used today

Positive Reinforcement

Scientific Training. …

Clicker Training. …

Relationship-Based Training.

Balanced Dog Training

Motley’s Take

Good basic tools and philosophy, spend more time rewarding behavior you want.

All the good stuff is psychology and cognition. Conditioning and behaviorism is, well, limited. Dog Training is not a science, it is an application of science, most of which is psychology.

Clickers are a great way to mark a behavior, not really a training method but, a good tool. The concept of a MARK not necessarily the clicker is the important tool. We will train you, just come see us.

Relationship dog training is great, good stuff to look into. It is all psychology.

Crate training, Crates are tools and yes we will teach you how to use or not use a crate depending on the needs and future goals of the team, which are you and your dog.

We cover food aggression, leash aggression and dogs pulling on the leash. Anything you can put the words’ aggression, fear, and/or anxiety in front of we specialize in the treatment of dogs with these obstacles to Dog Obedience.

Canine Cognitive Behavioral Dog Training

Since we specialize in canine behavioral obstacles, we can resolve these things while teaching you what the experts and elite teach their dogs. Once we have a good handle on the dog’s anxiety, aggression or both, then Dog Obedience training can help build stronger connections and solidify the behaviors learned in special training. Since you have the Motley Dog Basics down, this is going to be easy.

Most, even experienced dog people, mistake canine behavioral disorders with obedience challenges. Please do not put your dog through this. Emailing is absolutely free and no we do not collect your email address. Find out what kind of dog training your dog needs to be the best. Dog Training is not dog behavior. We have mastered the hard stuff in the study of canine behavior, and we are K9 behavior experts.

Tier One Dog Training

Tier one dog training

K9 Agility Training with a purpose. The best dog obedience offered.

Agility training for dogs with a purpose
Dog agility Training with a purpose
Dog Obedience Training
But for your family dog.

Your dog

Do you want an obedient dog? A dog that listens to you? Tier One Dog Training by Motley is for you.

The Basics

The basics used to train the bravest Special Operations dog or an obedient family dog are the same.

National K9 Veterans Day, March 13,

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Dog Obedience. Working Dog Magazine
The only Mag my lil boy reads.

Specialized Dog Training

Specialization such as, protection dogs, service dogs or military working dogs comes after you have a solid foundation: The basics.

A Few of the Motley Dog Advantages

Learning our foundation for all dog training: This is not learning how to reinforce, use conditioning and/or reward your dog with dog treats. Yes, we will teach you these things, and we will cover what professional dog trainers refer to as the formal dog training commands. These commands will be taught and used in contexts that help you and your dog. We do not train all teams the same thing because we get to know you and your dog and some of you need to work on and perfect different behaviors. All of you also have different experience and knowledge when you get here, so we work to build on what you show up with.

Combined with our episodic/elaboration dog training techniques will mean less repetition but, to say that you can master a skill without repeating in, well that is just nutty. As always, dog are just like us, if you do not practice a skill you will lose it or at least not be very good at it.

Luckily, our conditioning protocols are woven into your everyday activities and included in episodes during training exercises, not like any other dog training. So purely repeating for the sake of “memory” is not how we do it. Dogs are highly susceptible to phenomena known as state dependent learning. Observing this is how our leader came up with the theory of episodic memories in dogs. We only use conditioning to fine tune a skill, and the more you practice, the better you will get. However, you have to practice under the correct conditions and in the right way. We are here to teach you that.

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