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Tier One Dog Training is based on SOCOM, Law Enforcement and Psychology.

We have already made all the mistakes and followed the poor dog training advice, so, you don’t have to.

Canine Cognitive Behavioral Dog Training

Cognitive simply refers to all the stuff going on inside an animal’s head at any given time. Dogs learn best by experience, much like people do. Dogs are very motivated and creative when they decide that they want something. The key to obedience is to know your dog and help them understand the context and expectations. . Motley Methods and Philosophy

Behavior dog training services by Motley

What do people really want when they are searching for dog obedience training? Most want their dogs to pay attention to them and do what they ask their dog to do when they ask them to do it. If we have to choose a word to describe our dog training, it would be compliance. There are two methods of assuring compliance, guidance and force. We prefer guidance.

We Build Teams

Tier One dog training is focused on functioning in real world situations and our K9 obedience training is based on this principle. This is not going to be what you expect. If you are looking for main stream dog obedience training for your dog you can choose almost any other dog training company.

We are hear for the pet parents that want a better way, have tried dog training based on conditioning and are not happy with the results or those that have a difficult puppy or dog to train. All of our dog behavior services get your dog thinking and we address any and all behavioral challenges we call it cognitive behavioral dog training. We will get you and your dog working together because we build teams.

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