Motley Dog Team Room

What is a Motley Dog?

Motley behavior, is behavior that is colorful, not always conforming with your rules or wishes. Some Motley Dog Behavior is down right socially unacceptable.

Saying that a Motley dog is a bad dog is like telling a child that has depression, anxiety or ADHD that they are bad. They have a behavioral challenge that makes it more difficult to learn new things or behave in a socially appropriate manner.

We can help any dog but, Motley Dog’s are our favorites.

Motley Behavior like Pirates

Motley Dog we are private, exclusive and focused on the success of our teams. This means there are not spectators, no phone calls our focus is on you and your dog.

Feel free to bring a friend or significant other for moral support or just your enjoyment. Often bringing a second set of eyes helps you to stay on target.

When you prepay for your Four Session Pack

You Join the Motley Dog Team

Everything we have designed is to help you and your dog achieve your behavioral goals.

Our process is not like any other dog trainer or dog behaviorist.

We design a dog behavior training program that is specific to your needs.

We teach you principles of dog behavior.

At first it might seem like we are paying no attention to the long list of Motley Dog behaviors you came to see us about. The truth is that we are fixing the cause of many of them at the same time. The exercises and adventure you will be assigned are designed to change how you and your dog think. If you study psychology and other disciplines of behavioral sciences you will learn that the only way to change a behavior is by changing how the animals thinks.

The only way to make your dog’s life better is by dealing with and improving their aggression and/or anxiety. As your dog improves and suffers less they will do a better job of learning, listening and having a good time with you.

This is worth reading twice. Our mission is to improve the life of your dog.

Every principle and technique you are taught is designed to change thinking. Obedience comes form being about to think and make choices. Yes you can force compliance but, that makes your life better not your dogs. We either improve the life of the dog or we are not for you.

An added bonus, practicing psychology is a talent that requires time to master we have put in that time.

Our First Session

There is a lot of testing and observing you will be taught principles to improve your dogs emotional state.

Since our K9 behavior programs are cognitive they are based on individual differences.

This means that each dog and person are different and what worked for some other dog or person might not be the best solution for this team.

At Motley Dog we offer high quality dog behavior solutions that have long term effects. Your dog’s behavior will improve their life will get happier! You will understand your dog and have the tools to help your dog not simply force your dog to do what you want.

We have to meet you and your beast before we have any idea what will work the best for the two of you.

Here is an impressive story, did you know that the indigenous people of Alaska have several words for snow? They are experts at snow. We are experts in behavior so, we get that not every dog experiences aggression or anxiety in the same way. They also do not express anxiety and/or aggression in the same way. As we get to know you and your dog we are constantly adjusting, adding and subtracting from you dog behavior training plan to give the team the very best results.

Dog Training Techniques for Specific Behaviors

So, we do not, I repeat do not have a list of dog training techniques that we teach to everyone. If this method really worked you could all train your dog with dog training videos. No two dogs or people are the same and when you put the two of your together you have a one of a kind influence on each other.

Training a dog based off or triggers is not the best solution. You eat to much at night while you play video games so, A + B = C. No, no it does not. You do this because you have anxiety and fear. You feel safe in your little ritual and need to change your thinking.

The Pinch caller illusion. This is why you often see aggressive dogs running around with pinch collars. The dog is still aggressive as hell, you simply have better control of them. Similarly, if I shocked you every time you ate something while playing your video games you would simply adapt your ritual to tolerate the shock. Fear and pain are not the same thing. It is true that if I could somehow traumatize you it might break your ritual but, we would end up adding to your problems not making your life better.

Military working dogs and law enforcement dogs often have collars but, they do not having uncontrolled outbursts of aggression nor do they start out with any form of anxiety. These are emergency breaks they think and make their own choices. Dogs do not have the suffocated impulse control mechanisms we do so, sometimes you need an emergency break. This is also why we recommend your pet dog is on a leash.

Go At Your Own Pace

Basing our behavioral training on individual differences and cognition means that no two teams will work at the same pace. Some teams will be able to progress through four sessions in four weeks. Most can not.

  • You are given tasks and adventures for the week
  • We check up on you and this is when you tell us how it is going.
  • We will help you via email, phone call or meet.

Yes, we will be happy to set up a meeting in between sessions to clarify or alter your dog training program. If you are a full fledged Motley Dog Team Member.

Our Mission, Our Job!

So, when you pay for four sessions our mission is to be certain you learn the principles, understand the exercises and adventures that we send you on. As your skill improves your dog’s behavior will improve. If you waste time attempting to correct things that are not assigned you are wasting time and likely interfering with the behavioral training. Not recommended.

Even your giant black dog will stop pulling on the leash when their, inappropriate aggression, anxiety or just plain high drive are dealt with. If you deviate from our process it will take longer or not work. That is on you. This goes for all assignments. Those that fail at Motley Dog Training as famous for doing it their way not ours. You just paid us a lot of money so, do as we ask and hold us accountable. That is what we want.

The Most Valuable time is not in Session

So, you want to be closer to your dog, bond with the furry little monster. This is why we do not recommend or provide board and train services. The best way to bond with another animal is to suffer together, learn together and overcome challenges together. This is your job. We build teams.

Your Job

We are going to teach you all the skills and principles you and your dog will need to improve your situation whatever that might be. You job is to practice them, learn how to use them correctly and constantly. It is not your dog’s fault or responsibility to change. They depend on us. Everything they do, learn or do not learn is based on the work we put into them.

In between sessions is really the most valuable time. It is up to you how much you participate in the program between sessions. You can call, email, record a video. The more information we have and the more effort you put into the program the better your results.

A Personal Example From Motley

My dog, I have invested four months in covering two of the four evolution’s of training with him. I have a lot of fun experiencing new things and facing new challenges with him and by taking our time we are building a secure attachment then trust and then what most of you think of as a bond.

Could we do it any faster? Yes, if my intention was simply to train him but, my goal is to enjoy him and help him have the best life possible. It is my hope that he lives a long and happy life with me. No need to hurry I am spending time with my son.

Now Do We Expect The Same Level of Commitment From you?

If you want to join the elite of the dog world then yes, if you simply want a happy dog that enjoys life and occasionally miss behaves all you need to do is get your head in the game for a couple of months and put your dog first. If your dog suffer from Moderate to extreme anxiety and/or aggressive tendencies this is going to be a great improvement but, likely a life long factor. It is like having a chronic disease. Yes, aggression and anxiety are diseases just like depression.

Again, what you learn, where you learn it and how long we train are all at the discretion of your trainer. Every team is guaranteed a minimum of four hours of instruction. However, the amount of time we spend on instruction is really up to you.

Remember our mission is to help your dog. If you look at our dog behavior program as simply paying for four sessions you are not getting all you could out of us. As long as you are working on the assigned training we will be there to help. We are part of your team!

Our job is to keep you on target

This is a giant difference our job is to help your dog so, we only schedule session two if you are seriously off course or you are ready to move forward. No other dog trainer offers this. Now situations like non compliance with instruction or simply not getting the assigned training accomplished will not help you or your dog. Your trainer will determine what is or is not acceptable compliance with the program and proceed accordingly.

Remember this is exclusive private dog behavior training. You will move through your dog behavior program at your pace. The fourth session will be a test and review followed by an assessment of how we did. In difficult behavior cases more then four sessions maybe required.

Teams Are Given Every Opportunity To Improve

The bottom line is that we give our teams every opportunity to improve the anxiety or aggression of their dog.

Single Session Option

For those of you that choose our single session option. We will provide you with the proper assessment and direction to improve your dog’s behavior challenge, you will be assigned exercises and dog training adventures just like our teams. We will also follow up with you via email regarding your progress and be certain that you are on the right track.

Committing to helping your dog and becoming a member has its advantages.

Only Our Teams ( prepay four session pack)

Only our teams are offered in person assistance between sessions and also have priority scheduling.

Priority Scheduling our teams are our first priority so, they get the first choice of our scheduling options. Former Team Members that return also get priority scheduling. Keep in mind that our training is based on quality and investing time in our teams not on quantity so, in summer months we have been know to be booked out for three months.

Unlimited comms with your trainer, video, email or phone. No texts there is not enough detail.

You will be provided with additional information and skills training so, be certain you do not have something schedules right after our session.

We will be adding to this list and you never know what Motley Dog Team Member benefits might pop up. If you are a Member and have suggestions let us know.

See also, former team mates.

Perks for “Former Team Members”

Once you become a Motley Dog Team Member you are always a member of our team!

Do you have a new puppy or dog? contact us for former Member Discounts

Would you like to review something that we trained you to do? Let us know, we get that sometime we don’t practice of forget a thing or two. Depending on your needs the review might be free or at a reduced rate.

Just contact us to let us know how you and your pup are doing. We get attached to you all.

Don’t forget to read the Motley Dog Regs


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