Remembering My Son, Motley Dog 24, June 2022

Motley Dog

Remembering my son, my lil boy, is an experience of contradiction. Some of you may not have realized this just yet, but, when you love an animal, you are free to give them your whole heart without fear. You do not need to hide or hold back anything from an animal. With people, no matter how much we love and trust them, it is super rare to have the depth of love and trust that you can have with a dog. Now unlike some animal or dog people I enjoy a hanging out with good humans and do my best to build strong relationships with them but, all of my life the animals that I attach to, confide in and invest all my heart into have been my dogs.

Motley Dog
My Lil Hybrid Monster

If you are like I am you have loved many dogs but, there may have been one or two that just got to you unlike the rest. Motley was, for me, one of those dogs. Now that he is gone, I find myself still trying to follow our schedule. You know, he wakes daddy and off to breakfast, or I come home and there is that greeting that only a dog can offer. Things like that, normal everyday things that I thought I was doing for Motley. You can tell yourself that yes, you have to take care of a dog and that is a lot of work. If this is your view, I am glad that I missed it.

When I wake in the morning and realize that it is my alarm clock and not my LIl boy, it breaks my heart. I get up and see his food bowl or other reminder that it is time to prepare his food and think no, I don’t have to do that anymore, as if some great burden in my life has been removed. Last night I came home and was so tired I thought I would just drop. However, there was no greeting, no one wanting to play and get my attention no matter how tired I was. This realization put me in actual physical pain. Not because I was so tired but, because that greeting, that play time helped me. Regardless of what had happened in the day, it was my son, that greeting, that insistence on paying attention and playing together, that was one of the best parts of my life. This greeting and so many other daily events that my lil boy had given me were gone and could never be replaced.

Going through a typical day, I finally saw that while I was caring for my son, it was actually my son taking care of me. I know as a pet person you have helped a friend by checking in on their dogs or animals and maybe even had a good time feeding and walking them but, when your dog is gone you might realize, as I did, that with that special one of a kind dog, they are doing far more for you than you can ever do for them. So, if you are on vacation and miss feeding and walking your dog, you are on the right track. If you are on a business trip and return to your hotel room about to drop but, wish your dog was there to greet you and demand some playtime and attention regardless of your state, you might have a dog like my son. He always seemed to know just what daddy needed. Often that was simply him being with me, or at least knowing that he would be home to greet me when I got there.

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My lil boy, daddy misses you. Thank you for being my baby. Daddy loves you!

If anyone wants to say hi, share a story about my son, or that special dog that got to you, just click the pup below.

If you have recently lost your dog, this is the best resource we could find that was close to Broomfield. We are considering offering some form of grief support, so, let us know if you are interested.

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Mot·ley what does it mean?


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adjective: motley; comparative adjective: motlier; superlative adjective: motliest

  1. incongruously varied in appearance or character; disparate.”a motley crew of discontents and zealots” h Similar:miscellaneous
  • Disparate
  • diverse
  • assorted
  • sundry
  • varied
  • mixed
  • diversified
  • heterogeneous

Opposite: of Motley

Homogeneous, uniform

Noun: motley

An incongruous mixture.”a motley of interacting interest groups”

Motley = My Lil Boy

The Saga of Motley (coming soon)