The Regs are the rules of Motley Dog Training, and we hate to have them but, we do want you to know exactly what you are agreeing to and buying. Many of you will come to us for help for your dog. We thank you and want you to succeed. Those that want an obedient dog realize that takes discipline, and you have to model discipline or your dog will follow you. If you are here for help with Animal Behavior and Cognitive Behavioral Dog Training, you will also need to make your dog and training a priority. Discipline. The Motley Dog “Regs” tell us who is doing their job and who is not.

Motley Dog Training respnsibility to your and your dog

Our responsibility to your dog is our top priority. We do spend time planing for every dog training session, this includes the first session. Your dog training sessions are based on the information you provide and what we see in session, so, they are actually designed just for you and your dog. Don’t like writing email reports? Send us videos.

We check our work

We also have a number of contacts in the dog world, including other elite dog trainers and dog training groups as well as veterinarians and other professionals, and we consult with them on a regular basis. Why? The day you think you know it all is the day you need to stop practicing. We are only as good as our last session, and we have a high bar we set for ourselves.

Furthermore, we want your dog to have the best care that is available so, we need you in the fight. Motley Dog Training is training for both of you so, most of our regs are designed to keep you on target, this is for you and your dog not for us. The regs are written based on challenges that the humans presented, not the dogs.

When you pay us for a single session or our prepaid package, you are agreeing to the REGS. Not having read the “Regs” is not an acceptable defense.

All sessions must now be paid in advance. So, want single sessions that is great but, make plans to pay for your next session at your current session. There are a lot of dogs that want a shot at training with us so unless you are serious please give your spot to someone that is, and thank you for your support.

Motley’s Policies : The “Regs”

Military working dogs

One on One dog training

Dicipline is about being predictable and realiable not about punishment. Who knows more about disipline then the Militay?


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In it for the dogs

  • Full payment is due at our first session.
  • Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. No exceptions.
  • You are agreeing with all Motley Dog Training LLC regulations when you pay. 
  • Packages must be completed within four weeks, extra time is at the discretion of your trainer. 
  • No refund will be granted for any unused portion of the package.
  • Scheduling a session demonstrates agreement with policies and procedures. 
  • Not having read the policies “Regs” is not a defense, since you have failed to do your do diligence. 

Cancellations & No-Shows

  • You may reschedule any session by providing 24 hours advanced  notice. No last minute schedule changes will be allowed, no exceptions.
  • No credits or refunds will be granted for no shows or cancellations with under 24 hours notice. No exceptions.
  • If you are late to a session, you are still responsible for full  payment of the session. If we are late, we will make sure you have a full  session. 
  • The length of the sessions are always at the discretion of the trainer.
  • All Sessions must be scheduled and confirmed via email

Communications and Drops

  • If we have made two attempts to contact you with no response, we will consider this as self drop or abandonment from the program and no refund will be issued.
  • Scheduling, we will offer you open time slots each week if you choose not to take a time slot for more than two weeks consecutively, this will be considered, self drop or abandonment, from the program. Unless other arrangements were made with your trainer in advance. See previous bullet point.  We do not guarantee time slots, current teams are first, they pay in advance, we make ever effort to be accommodating but, we can only offer what we have available on any given week. No Elite training is not flexible.  No refund will be issued. 

“The Two-month rule”:

  • “The Two-month rule” If you purchase a four session package (4 sessions in one month) and you have not completed four sessions in a two-month period, you are not doing the work. We can drop you with no refund and consider sessions via email as training sessions. No refund will be issued. 
  • We will offer you a time and location for each session, it is your responsibility to notify us if you will not be attending and within the 24-hour notice policy. If there is no response to our email, we assume you will be attending and if you do not show up, you will still be charged for that session. No Exceptions. 

“Complex Animal Behavioral Cases”

These cases and, the terms of, what Motley Dog Training refers to as “regs” for training will be set by your trainer and the team. This will be done via email. This action can only be initiated by your trainer. Speak to your trainer for details or email our office [email protected]

If we drop you from the program:

  • Yes we can and have dropped people from the program, we are not in this to take money from people so, unless the “two month rule” applies to you, you will receive a refund for the unused portion of your prepaid package based on our single session rate. Examples, if you had two sessions and were dropped, you would owe us $300.00 ($150 per session) and your refund would be $200.00. If you completed three of the four sessions, you would owe us, 3x $150 =$450, your refund would be $50.00. One session you pay $150 or if it goes badly we just call it a day. Motley Dog Training is not for everyone, it is not designed to be. 

General Info

  • You are responsible for your safety and your dog’s safety. Regardless  of the situation or “cause”, you choose to bring your dog into public  and work with us, all responsibilities of dog ownership remains yours.  Why is this? Dogs and people are not robots, they are unpredictable. You  are volunteering for training, you still retain any and all liability  and responsibility for you and your dog.
  • Dogs must be current on age-appropriate vaccinations, and we must be  made aware of any and all medical concerns, conditions including  behavioral concerns. Please do not under-reported past aggression or misrepresent any aspect of your dog. We have even had those who misinform us regarding the dog’s breed. 
  • We like email. You can call and leave a message but, we do not answer phone calls when we are training… Just rude.  Hard to text with big dopey fingers, so, just email. Thank you. 

If you are late:

  • If you are late, don’t bother to call, we will try to hang in there for an extra 15 mikes. But, this is at our discretion.
  • Come to your first session as you are. We want to see what you have, what you are doing and get to know you and your dog.
  • We will check in with you every week. Furthermore, we should see that you are practicing the recommended techniques and asking questions about these techniques. If there is no evidence of your following the training, we can not be held responsible for your results. 
  • When you have completed your training, you are still one of our Teams so, we are always available for questions regarding the training you received while active. 

Schedule and CONFIRM

We will offer you a time, place and date for each session if you agree to it, you are on the schedule. The only way to cancel is to email us, and we will confirm your cancellation. It must be with-in the 24-hour time limit. There are No Exceptions.

Is Motley Dog Training a Good Fit for you and your dog?

What if I show up with my dog and just hate it? Speak up we will not be offended, we love dogs but, are not stupid about it, not every dog likes us nor do humans we get that. We may not feel we are a good fit for you, so, do not be offended. At the end of each session we discuss the training, we always ask if there are any questions, comments, concerns or complaints. We are not being cute, we want to know. If you are unable to tell us in person, email us feel free to use profanity, put downs or the logical and rational it only makes us better as an organization.

Motley Dog Training top “Reg” we are honest with each other. Our objective is for you to be out in the world bragging about how great Motley Dog Training is and how we helped you and your dog or at least we want you to be able to say that hey, they were not for us but, they are good people. You and your dog are more important to us than your money or our ego.

Training and Site Content

Content of training and our website. Do not just believe anything we tell you, psychology is a new and evolving science, dog psychology well this is like day one for most dog trainers so, remember it is up to you who you choose to follow, we work hard every day in order to give our teams the best we can offer this does not mean we think we know everything and we are always right so, do your own research, ask a lot of questions challenge us we appreciate it. Being elite simply means you have more experience and training than the majority but, you have to earn your title every day! We are only as good as our last session.

Privacy Policy

You have got to be kidding me! We have to violate our own privacy simply to be in an acceptable position on the internet, so, fair warning, never put anything on-line that you would not share with your Mother. We have no intention of collecting information about you, putting you own an email list or any other list. Companies are shifting this responsibilty to small businesses but, here is the bottom line, you are responsible for your privacy and the privacy of your friends and family so, if you don’t want everyone to know about it do not put it on the internet. We prefer not to accept credit cards, use apps or other methods of payment because this is not done for your convienece it is valuable intell businesses pay money for. Knowing this is why we charge a nice premium on cc and app transactions.

Last update 06/2022

Any policy is subject to change, without notice and is at the sole discretion of Motley Dog Dog Training aka Motley Dog Training 

Now, let’s have a little fun! Dicipline is a state of mind, A method of taking respnsibility! Dogs love and need consistancy. Knowing what to expect earns trust.