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Victims of Common Dog People and Dog Training

This Woman and her dog are Victims of common dog people and dog training

Here is a recent inquiry that is typical for Motley Dog Training:

Hi there! My name is ******. I heard about your dog training on an outing with my pup to Home Depot. Met you and grabbed your card. I’d love more information about your training packages and single session trainings.

I currently have a male, 10 month old, Australian cattle dog pup. I have had him since he was 4 months old and he is the only dog in the house. He is extremely smart but also stubborn! He receives physical exercise daily but I also do at least 15 minutes if not 30 minutes of obedience training with him each day as well. He has a lot of enrichment including snuffle mats, puzzles, lick mats, kongs, etc. He is very food motivated. Right now we are in group classes to work on his focus and obedience around distractions. However, this doesn’t seem to work so well for real world scenarios. For example, the trip to Home Depot was a stressful one. He has been fearful of his harness, despite my attempts to counter condition it for months, and will run and hide under the bed. This evening I decided to forgo his harness on our trip, and he pulled and choked himself almost the whole time on in his collar, making me regret my decision. He is able to do a decent heel or at least a loose leash walk in comfortable environments but has not yet mastered it outside of those comfortable environments. He can also sometimes be fearful, hence his barking at Motley upon meeting. Though it truly depends on the person/scenario as he usually loves most people he meets. We are working on demand barking inside the home as well. So far we have been attempting to just ignore the behavior as much as possible (considering we live in an apartment). He has always been a bit reactive to other dogs, but has made great strides in that field! We can now walk past most dogs at a distance without too much of a reaction or with at least a small redirection or management strategy. His reactions are frustration based because he loves all dogs and wants so badly to play with them. I am also working on helping him to understand dog signals and play more appropriately with them/even just approach them more appropriately. We are still crate training as well. The skills mentioned above are not necessarily taught in the group classes that we attend yet, but it would definitely make daily life with him a lot more enjoyable! And I know for him as well as he would feel more comfortable in understanding his boundaries and what’s expected of him. Please let me know what your thoughts are! Thank you so much.

Motley’s assessment:

This woman is great in that she reports doing all kinds of training with her do so, motivation, which is often the reason for failing even with our training. We are not going to pick each action apart, simply she has a very poor trainer or is getting information for poor sources. This is obvious to us based on her use of buzzwords that are common among people who do not really understand behavior or how to help a dog with a behavioral problem.

Here is the important part, I met her dog, her dog was telling me that this sucks, you are not doing it right and even making things worse. At least the poor little guy was attempting to as he was yanked by the neck over to her side. Her love of violently yanking the dog around was also a giant red flag that while well-meaning she had no idea what she was doing, had a horrible trainer and her dog was in trouble.

Look it is obvious from her email that she has been in the typical world of dog training and it even more obvious that typical dog training does not work for dogs with behavioral problems. If any of this worked, why would she have ever contacted us? She is likely a victim of common advice from “dog people” and unqualified dog trainers, both are common.

Keep in mind we see this kind of thing on a daily basis and as an animal behavioral expert typical dog training mistakes are obvious to us and some border on abuse. If on occasion we seem a little down on typical animal training, this might give you an idea of why. We are super glad she contacted us, but, then she disappeared.

Honestly, she could save a lot of time, money and frustration by just training with Motley. We also know that her dog would appreciate it and have a far better relationship with her.

In contrast, here is a woman who had tried all the typical dog training stuff and realized common methods of dog training do not work.


I’m having a problem with my dog Yuki.  I just got him from the Dumb Friends League in Denver around the end of February.  They told me that he was surrendered and that he was apparently abused and neglected because of the condition he was in when brought in.  He wouldn’t let anyone near him and was very scared of males.  He was also very underweight.  Since bringing him home with me he has slowly gotten more comfortable being around new people but is still not at ease with males.  I have been working with him taking him to some places to get him used to people being around but it’s his barking that’s the problem cause I have to stick to places like Petco and Petsmart where they are used to barking dogs.  I can’t even bring him into Home Depot because he barks too much.  At everyone and everything.  He seems to be fine with kids and other dogs but not at ease with people till he has seen them a few times.

At the beginning I was putting him in a crate as when I would leave for work he would scratch at the door and bark like he would come right through if he could.  So for his safety and mine I started with the crate.  Since moving to this new place I purchased a very large and roomy beautiful crate that had a place for water and food bowls and room still for him to move around.  He’s only 15 pounds, not a big dog.  BUT he has figured out how to get out of the crate and since he doesn’t do any damage to anything when he is out except to scratch at the door and bark non stop, I thought that maybe he didn’t like to be confined and that maybe leaving him out might help be less stressful for him.  I got a large wood gate so he couldn’t get to the door and thought that might help.  Unfortunately he is able to jump over the gate and the gate is waist high.  So now I’m at a loss as to what to do as you can hear him scratching at the door through the building and you can hear him barking even out in the parking lot.  I thought that he’d settle down after a while but I’m told by the office manager of the building that the barking is non stop for four hours and has been that way since I moved in three weeks ago. Since I’m not here I didn’t know.  They didn’t say anything thinking also that given time he would settle down.  Now though more people are moving in and she has started to get complaints and feels this needs to be addressed.   I have made arrangements for Yuki to stay with friends for the four hours on Fridays and Saturdays that I’m at work but this really doesn’t solve my problem as I can’t even go to through out the garbage or get my mail or go to the store. 

I am also working with my Veterinarian and we have put him on doggie Prozac and another med to calm him down.  The Prozac takes 3-4 weeks till it kicks in so I have 1-2 more weeks to go. 

I love Yuki and don’t want to give upon him.  At all other times he seems very happy and content and quiet.

He has put on weight and looks good.  You can see that he loves me too.

Thank you for your help,

Motley’s assessment:

Now, just like our first example, this woman has obviously been given all the expected dog training advice and is now in danger of either having to give up Yuki or find a new place for the two of them to live. Speaking with her, she stated that she was trying or had tried a plethora of common dog training techniques with no results.

Long story short, we helped Yuki and his person out! We have a great time with them, and they are only now on session four. Keep in mind that Yuki and Mom are highly motivated and follow our training, so results vary.

Now, there is also a way I can tell if you are likely to succeed in our program, and it is based on a glaring difference in the emails provided, do you know what that difference is? Told you we are behavioral experts.

Click the Dog and tell Motley what you think the answer is and if you are right we will give you $25.00 off a single session with us.

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