Motley Dog Methods and Philosophy

Dog Training Philosophy

This is really a question pertaining to the use of dog training collars or devices that cause pain to animals. For those of you who ask. Good for you! Others may have noticed the many different methods of dog training found on the internet.

Common Methods of Dog Training

There are about seven to ten common methods of dog training that pop up on the net. There is no need to list them here. We have studied all ten and then some. All techniques offer tools that if employed correctly and in the correct context can be useful. However, as in all things force should be the very last resort and always avoided if at all possible. All to often force, is the first choice without proper consideration of the effect on the dog being trained.

In my experience dog’s learn the best when they are allowed and encouraged to think for themselves and figure it out. This requires the correct context at the right time and a little patience. Basically our training is founded on getting your dog thinking.

Dog Training VS Dog Behavior

Dog training is about teaching your dog skills normally for dog obedience while dog behavior is about changing your dog’s cognitive and biological response to the world.

Better Dog Behavior

We begin with learning better communication and understanding of K9 antics. Some dogs, just like people, have learning, emotional and medical concerns that must be our first concern. We believe that if the dog is not learning we have missed something important.

Based on research and not just preferences. Our job is to make your goals easier to achieve by helping dogs with these challenges. Before we chose a dog training method we ask, how does it effect the dog.

Face those challenges

Master of Behavior Sciences:

Our dog behavior services and dog training are based on many theories and techniques from the world of behavioral sciences. Not just dog training or animal behavior.

We like to call it Cognitive Behavior Dog Training. Catchy yes?

Face those challenges

Dog Aggression Dog Obedience Dog Anxiety

Just for entertainment, here is a timeline of the science of behavioral sciences.


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