Motley Dog Methods and Philosophy

Face those challenges

We have studied the most effective dog training methods such as, clicker training, positive reinforcement dog training, and balanced dog training methods to mention the most common. All of which are based on behaviorism. This is a singular view of canine behavior, regardless of the title.

Our dog behavior services and dog training are bases on many theories and techniques from the world of behavioral sciences. Not just dog training or animal behavior. It is up to you which school of thought is best for you and your dog, we just want you to be well-informed before you invest your time and money.

Face Those Challenges

Is your dog horrible in social situations? Does your dog seem to never learn? Maybe your dog just won’t listen to a word you say? Dog trainers have a list, you know resource guarding, social aggression, leash aggression. We train dogs but, if you are looking for just a dog trainer, that is not us. We know from more hours than we can count with dogs that it is always about the dog.

The Motley Dog Training Philosophy

It is all about the dog! The science of behavior consists of many specialties, all with their own theories and techniques. They offer tools we use to help dogs have a better quality of life.

More Motley Dog Training

We call it Episodic, Elaboration Dog Training and behavior therapy. Created by our lead dog many, many years ago. Similar to advanced Military and law enforcement training techniques, with a big dose of behavioral science mixed in for flavor. Theories like cognitive reframing can be used to teach or treat behavior and, unlike conditioning alone, it changes the brain and behavior of a canine or human.

Dog Basics

Dogs have their own universal canine language. Their senses are far superior to our own so, we use the talents and skills to train them.

Dog Aggression Dog Obedience Dog Anxiety

Just for entertainment, here is a timeline of the science of behavioral sciences.


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