Motley Dog is Private Dog Training. We design training plans that are just for you and your teammate. Hopefully having a good time. Motley does not use a “one size fits all” approach. We train in real world situations.  This real world training teaches you that not all things go to plan, and you will be right there to see how we handle your dog when things go south. You will have to think and adapt using the Motley Dog Basics and techniques. We will be right there with you.

Learning the Motley Dog Basics is not hard or time-consuming, like repeating commands over and over in the hope that one day it will stick. You will see how your dog behaves in different places and situations. You will learn how to handle and help your dog in difficult times and get more out of the good.

We teach you the things you can only learn with years of education and experience

We teach you the things you can only learn with years of education and experience, not things like sit, down and stay. If these are a challenge, we can help. Motley Dog Training focuses on how you teach and communicate with your dog. Not just any dog, but, your dog. Motley Dog Training is not like any other dog training. Our experience is derived from a number of life experiences with people and dogs in many situations beyond academia and dog training organizations. We specialize in Animal Behavior. You and I are in this category.

Motley Dog is Private Dog Training but, not what you expect

When you train with Motley, it will not be what you expect. This is what many of our teams have told us, that is our goal so, we like that. If you are interested in private dog training, with a difference, you choose Motley Dog Training, we are private dog training, that is our specialty. With most dog trainers, private sessions are just an afterthought. Private dog training is all that we do.

We are here for the dogs that have been written off by other dog trainers or their people. The puppies that are not quite ready for group training, or those that just want the best for their dog. We enjoy the challenge and when you bring your best friend to us for help, we take that responsibility very seriously. We have a high success rate because we never surrender. Our techniques are better and we work on improving them for you and your dog every day.

Do you love your dog but are losing hope? Reserve your private session today.

Bonding with your dog

This is the kind of stuff we read so that you and your dog don’t have to:

Links between an Owner’s Adult Attachment Style and the Support-Seeking Behavior of Their Dog

Canine Attachment is not the same as bonding!

Which dog do you like the most?

Attraction and liking someone or something is the basis of a bond. At Motley Dog Training we go beyond boding and focus on, secure attachment, and know that, one on one training is where you earn the respect, trust and the love of your dog. These are some factors in attachment and are far more valuable than to learn when animal behavior is a challenge, or you just want to be your dog’s best friend. Simple to understand, you are bonded with your befriend Larry but, you are attached to your Mom. Yes, it can be a bad thing if not done right!

Private one on one dog training is the best method of bonding with your dog and having the inseparable relationship with your dog. Board and train may actually hurt your relationship with your dog. What really happened there? Only your dog knows? Groups are fun, but, not at all the way to build a foundation for successful dog training or that relationship you have always wanted with your dog.

Just like with people, it is a lot of fun to socialize and meet new dogs but, it is that alone time that makes just a friend your best friend.

Choose the best training method for you and your dog the first time

Private dog training is the best format for training dogs for all skills, tasks and specialties. The group work comes after the foundation is well-built.

We help you and your dog get the most out of life and enjoy yourselves to the fullest, reach out to Motley Dog Training today to learn more about our private lessons. We have the training experience required to help even the most challenging dogs and people. Even the dogs that others have given up on.

You just email with questions or to set up your 1st session. We do not sell your information or collect it for email marketing.

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