Is Your Puppy a Behavior Challenge?

Your new little puppy can do no wrong in your eyes but, other dogs or people scare them to death, or they try to attack everyone and everything that is not familiar to them. Since your puppy has no experience in life yet, that means they need to defend themselves from it all. In some cases, puppies can even be fearful and/or aggressive toward their people.


Research suggests that disrupting a puppy’s development is almost a guarantee of future behavioral problems. Fearful puppies seem to be born with lower thresholds for fear, and fearful puppies tend to develop canine anxiety. Puppy aggression and anxiety are often linked and occurs simultaneously.

Experience is all We Have Got

Genetics, developmental stages and illness are all causes of puppy aggression, fear and anxiety. Experience either improves the condition or makes is worse. Since the cause has already happened, we can do little to change that so, all we have is future experience. It is important that these are well-thought-out and serve to make the life of your puppy better. We focus on dog behavior training that sets your puppy up to have a better quality of life. You will learn skills, tactics and techniques that will help your puppy starting with our first session.

Small Victories, in the correct order

Just like puppy development has an order so, does puppy training. Where and when you spend time teaching your puppy is also very important. One you have the timing, order and environment figured out you need to determine what skills to begin with. The skills we start with have little to do with the formal commands which are the focus of the majority of dog trainers. This stuff is the easy stuff and once we have set the two of you on target the sit, stays and downs will just come naturally.

Timing is everything

If for some reason you have been poorly advised and chose to start puppy training with a dog training collar of some sort at least read the article below. One of many reasons you need to know what you are doing before you influences an animals life.

The Dark Side of Socialization: Fear Periods and Single Event Learning in dogs


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