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How to train even a difficult biting puppy? Pups need to bite to learn to communicate and to teeth. So, teach them what they can bite on and what they can not. This is not about punishment and reward. Bitting is its own reward and dogs love it. Use you dog on hierachy of reward. Yep another Motley Dog Basic part of Get to know your dog.

If biting is extreem or dificult to stop you will need Motley Dog Training. Here is a link to an unusual case we have recently undertaken. Rory.

How to Train even a Difficult Biting Puppy by the numbers

Step One

The 1st step is to get to know your puppy and base your expectations according to what you see. Get to know your dog!

Just like people, your puppy is not the same as every other member of his breed :

May of us see dogs as being in lists of breeds, and each breed acts is stereotypical ways. This belief is not supported by scientific evidence. Just because you have had 12 mini Aussies does not mean that this fluffy little ball of fur you just took home will behave like any of her predecessors.

Step Two

Step Two is to set up a safe environment for your puppy. Your pups should have limited space in your home that is their space. Small Victories a Motley Dog Training Basic skill. Set up a crate with all the comfy blankets just big enough, so they can easily turn around inside. Gradually introduce your dog to the big bad world.

This is not the: “no free lunch method”, it is about safety, protection and comfort.

Step Three

You have got to feed the beast so, this is important. This is not where you save money. You will pay now or pay latter. We have worked with 100’s of dogs and this is a must. If you chose a purebred. Breed does matter when it comes to health and potential canine medical problems. You can Google this one on your own but, I would discuss this with your veterinarian.

My lil wolf eats raw but, hey if this is not your thing here is a link to Chuck and Don’s Food Finder that best tool for finding food that is right for your dog, your dogs breed and any other factors you may face such as, allergies. It is a great tool!

Chuck and Don’s Food Finder

Thank you, Chuck and Don’s, and we would like to thank the Westminster store for all the recommendations that have come our way.

Chuck and Don's food finder
Chuck and Don’s Food Finder

Puppy Training Step Four

This is when you email Motley Dog Training

We like to keep most of our techniques down to four easy steps or less. You know all that stuff you have read about dog aggression, anxiety and obedience? Well, we will start with building a foundation for you and your pup to be a team and this will help you avoid future problems. If problems do arise at least you know that Motley Dog Training is right here to help you through it.

Professional Puppy Training by Motley Dog Training

Motley’s Puppy training is for the puppy that is not quite ready for group puppy training. We know some great dog trainers in the area that offer excetional puppy group training but, we are here to get you ready for the party.

Puppy training is one situation where group participation is required but, some pups are just a little crazy and as with all training one on one is the best place to start all training. Once we have mastered building a stong foundation and made the two of you a team you are ready for anything. Puppy play groups, doggie day care or just going over to gradma and gand pa’s without any incidents.

Other Hot topics in Puppy Training Today:

How to Train even a Difficult Biting Puppy. Love the puppy
The most important thing your puppy needs is Love.

Puppies have “Deadlines” you have to meet or else

Even the best puppy trainers we know will tell you that you are now on the clock, you and your puppy had better meet these deadlines or else! Yes in psychology we have a specialty, Developmental Psychology, every herd of Piaget? Here is the good news, so take a deep breath. With people and dogs, these developmental models are just that. They are averages and, this means that they are good targets to pay attention to but, are not some kind of dooms day DEADLINE.

Animals Do Not all Develop at the Same Time.

Think about it this way, there are dogs that will learn and develop more quickly than others so, if your pup is fearful or showing signs of aggression, there is hope. The most important factor in any dog’s life is you, their person.

Socializing your Puppy

The average dog trainer or well-meaning dog person will tell you that socializing your puppy is the most important thing you will ever do, and almost every animal behaviorist or dog trainer we have ever spoken with seems to think that

Dog age calulator
Best Puppy Development Chart we could find, just click.Dog Age Calculator

1. Every behavioral problem in dogs is caused by improper socialization of dogs. This is false.

2. If only you can “introduce” your dog to other dogs, this will solve everything! Expose them to the world, right? Well, kind of. Puppy time is experience time but, if you have a problem with socialization of a dog or you think you do come see Motley Dog Training. The answer is not immidiate submession into a pile of puppies.

What We Learned Studying Socail Psychology

Here is what we learned in all those psychology classes. Fear, aggression or antisocial behavior in general are not caused by poor socialization of dogs or people. Think of John Wane Gasey or Ted Bundy, both highly socially skilled individuals. These are extreme cases used to make a point.

Socialization of a dog

Socialization of a dog is presented as the cause far to often. Average dog trainers offer groups so, this is self serving. Goup training is for very specific situations and those in the group need idividual training to make the grade. Consider any group activiety or work group you have ever participated in succeesfully. Those that have learned the basic perform better in groups. Dogs are not much differnet. Succeeful group interaction also, depends on the health, personality as well as other individule differences both biological and experiential.

Canine Socializaton is Similar to Human Socilizaton

Think about people you know that have all the social activity and opportunities that they could hope for and many people like them but, for whatever reason, they are still anxious or fearful in certain situations, social or otherwise. It is also true no matter how many beers you give them when they wake in the morning they will still have social phobia, separation anxiety or be prone to aggression. Just like us, it does not matter how many treats you dull out to your puppy in a stressful situation, they will wake up with the same underlying issues.

There are also many situations were a dog has experienced extreem abuse, negect and pain yet, some how comes out of it a social butterfly. So, always look at both sides of an argument. Socailization is a complex behavior that requires more then group participation.

Again, Typical Dog Training via Conditioning is for Amatures

Dog treats are just a tool so, leave the pouch at home, we have more important skills to master and far better ways to mitigate and motivate.

The bottom line is this, if you and your dog were isolated for a year due to COVID and have had not social interaction, you are not lost. If your dog has been anxious or aggressive for years you are not lost and if you somehow did not meat the puppy development “Deadline” all is not lost.

Puppyhood is all about experiences

Just got a puppy? Missed one of those deadlines? Here is what we would like you to do. Just the two of you need to act like explorers. Get out in the world, introduce your dog or puppy to every sight, sound, smell and touch you can think of and pay attention to your puppy’s reaction to them. If your pup shows signs of fear, anxiety or aggression, you are not ready for puppy play groups, doggy day care, the dog park or an outing at your favorite store. This is when you contact us. If your pup seems to be confident and calm while experiencing most things, then you can consider group options.

Get your puppy out in the world.

Experience everything

Now you have your new pup what to do next. Experience everything you can.

man, woman, dog-2425121.jpg
Take pup out for coffee and meet some people.
Dogs need experience
Get out and enjoy puppy one on one.

Safty First

Be certain you abide by the vaccination schedule so, that pup is not exposed to anything they are not ready for but, be creative and have a good time.

Proper Puppy Exercise is Not Just Walking

So, you walk your dog every day. Good job but, pups are not quite ready for the 10-mile hike so, be certain that the exercise you expose your dog to is appropriate.

A Good Dog is a Tired Dog

There is a poor recommendation in the dog training world that goes something like this: a tired dog is a good dog. This is not accurate.

So, you walk your dog every day. Good job but, pups are not quite ready for the 10-mile hike so, be certain that the exercise you expose your dog to is appropriate.

Your pup needs both mental and physical exercise daily.

If your pup has a behavior problem, see a professional dog trainer like Motley Dog Training.

hike, to stroll, dog-4350913.jpg
Dog love the great outdoors.

My lil boy and I love hunting in the forest (not pictured). We live in Colorado, go swim, find some park to explore, get out there and enjoy your puppy to the fullest.

Think, senses, sight, smell, taste and touch

Get all those puppy sences working. Introduce your puppy to anything that is safe. Let us know if your puppy is fearful, or aggressive. We are here to help dogs and their people.

Still need ideas for experience for you and your puppy? Check out Orbitz suggestions. Seggested Adventure for you and Your dog.

Potty Training a Puppy

Potty-train a puppy is not that difficult! We were a little socked at the number of google searches for this one, so, here is the foundation of potty training a puppy.

  1. You are in charge, the puppy will not know how to tell you they need to hit the head.
  2. Frequency, simply the more often you take your puppy out to potty, the better this is going to go. Remember, small bladder, guys, & no a puppy can not “hold it” this will happen naturally as your dog ages if you do this right.
  3. Consistency, this means that if the puppy goes potty at 3pm, this happens every day at 3pm. Dogs are master of learning routines, Episodic Memory. So, the goal is that you are so consistent that your pup can predict when it is time to pee. Just like your dog knows when you come home or leave for work everyday, they should know when dinner time is and when it is time for puppy to go potty.

Personally having numerous dogs and having trained 100’s this is it. Simple way to potty-train a puppy. If you honestly follow this formula and are still having problems, then it is likely that your dog has a behavioral concern like fear or anxiety.

Puppy on the pot
Get your dog a tablet 🙂

Dog Genetics vs Dog Experience

Goes beyond abuse, neglect!

Important finding in canine research.

They have the same physiology, anatomy and neurobiology, to feel pain and experience emotion. If you still think dogs have no emotions, look up substance P. So, yes, even your pit bull feels pain and pleasure. Dogs simply put are far better than we are at dealing with pain and are far too forgiving in my opinion. This is why stupid dog training techniques don’t seem to affect your relationship with your dog. However, it should, and that is why Motley Dog Training does not believe in the “carrot and stick” or “balance” dog training philosophy.

Balanced Dog Training is a Cover for Punishment

We have been there, done that, and it is not our finest hour. Lucky, we kept educating ourselves and learned better ways to help our dogs and yours. What about when it is not dumb dog training or some other kind of abuse or trauma?

Here is a shocking truth about dog aggression, dog anxiety or other animal behavior hurdles. They are often phenotypical, this simply means that it is not necessary for a dog to be abused to be aggressive and/or fearful. Experiencing episodes of violence, neglect or psychological abuse can make the problem worse and dogs even have PSTD just like people, however, Anxiety and Aggression can be similar to a personality characteristic of a dog or person. So, your puppies social anxiety disorder or dog aggression may or may not have a factor of experiential learning and Bandura might phase it.

Puppy Socialization (critical period, three to six weeks.)

A final remark about dog socialization in general. Many dog people still think that all dogs love other dogs and need other dogs to be happy. This is just a belief, and it is a false belief. Dogs, just like people, have various preferences when it comes to group activity and the number of “friends” that they are comfortable with. Respect your dog. Your dog is not a pack animal any more than you or me, as a matter of fact, dogs are far more like us than we would like to admit. Some dogs will love all other dogs and want to be around other dogs frequently, some are more “lone wolf” types how prefer just you or a lot of time alone.

You Dog’s Socail Skill has Nothing to do With Breed

Remember, this is not dependent on breed. Shepherds are a good example, most people would characterize them as not that social and running on the averages this might be right but, some love other dogs and some can not stand them. Our job at Motley Dog Training is to teach your dog how to succeed in the world based on who they are, not who everyone else thinks they should be.

Dog Selection Based on Breed Not the Whole Picture

People make a serious mistake when they choose a dog based on breed. Reseach is mounting and the overwelming conclusion is that breed has little to do with behavior. Look don’t shoot the mesanger. It took us a while to buy into this one ourselves. However, years and years of experience with dogs proven that this is 100% correct. Dog breed has a lot to do with the future health of your dog. This is do to genetic predispositions to certain medical problems and conditions. It is a long standing understaning that genetic diversity in all species is superior to pure breeding of anything. This is why we design a play for you and your dog as individules and do not have a standard bag of tricks we teach everyone.

Selection of Your New Puppy is Where Most Truble Begins

All of us have this little picuture in our head of what a perfect dog would be. So, you are out at a rescuse, breeder or where ever you might run into that dog that just connects with you, bam, you found your dog!

This is great but, remember you likely did not select the dog you fell in love and just like human love it is alway great until you really get to know eachother. If you are total out of your element rehoming a dog is sad but, maybe best for the dog. This depends on where you rehome. If you can not handle that puppy you just loved at least find the best to find them someone who can.

Selection is so, important we will follow up with a dedicated post but, if you want professional help with selection just contact Motley.

puppy, dog, pet-1047521.jpg
Great resource for all things’ puppy.

Great resource for all things’ puppy.

Ultimate Puppy.

How do You Stop Puppy Biting?

Whatever you uncle Larry tells you, you absolutly never punish a puppy for biting. Yes, it hurts we get that but, you wanted a puppy and now it is your job to help the the little monster learn how to bite and what to bite. These are experineces far more important then puppy socialization classes. Puppies are naturally curious, if yours is not email Motley. @2motleycomcast-net

You are You Puppy’s Guide to this New World

Intruoduce things to the pup, guide them though what they can and can not bite. Much of the trouble puppies get into is by scavanging, exploring, the best way for a puppy to investigate something is smelling it, biting it, putting it in their mouths, human childern do almost the same thing. Puppies also need to learn how to communicate through biting. That is right, ever have a dog look back at your hand when you are aggressively petting their back, you pay no attention and then there is a nip?

Bite Inhavition explained

The reason you did not get a chunck taken out of your hand is becaue this dog learned bite inhabition and went easy own you by asserting themselve since you payed not attention to there previous warning. A dog who’s people “taught them not to bite.” may have a dog that just goes right for the kill. A nice big I told you to leave me alone bloody dog bite. A bite can also occure when you are just to ruff or cause the dog pain. Startling or cornering any dog is not a great idea either.

Puppy Teething, we do it Too

So, biting is for learning, communication and defence. Important stuff to teach your pup. The most obvious reason a puppy bites is due to teething. Humans go through this as well. Do not inhibit your dogs development, teach them what they can and can not bite and how hard to bite, while leading them trough their exploration of the new world they are in.

Never punish a puppy for biting, there are strange cases we have worked on read, Motley Dog Training in Action. If you are having a hard time with this contact Motley now, for direction or training.

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