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Training for Aggressive Dogs

How to train an aggressive dog. Get help now for your aggressive dog, Training for aggressive dogs starts with the basics. These are not sit, stay, down. Here is where you start: The basics: “The best are the best because they do the basics the best!”

What works? We want you to start with the basics:

  1. Know your Dog

Learn when your dog is getting stressed

  • Recognizing and acting on signs of stress in your dog
  • Changing your dog’s environment 
  • Relationship building so that your dog pays attention to you when you need them to
  • A Motley Dog Basic: Get in front of the behavior


2. Calm

Small Victories it takes time to learn

A Motley Dog Basic, Small Victories

  • Calming environment
  • You need to be calm
  • Practice just relaxing yourself and your dog
  • Learn your dog’s signs of excitement
  • Learn to calm in motion
  • Situational Awareness.
  • Get in front of the behavior


3. Health

Things that create behavior problems

  • Injury or disease
  • Diet (Pay now or Pay later)
  • Exercise (too much is as bad as not enough)
  • Get your Dog Thinking
  • Psychological health

K9 Mental DO

Take a deep, deep breath. The most important factors in helping an aggressive canine are the basics:

  • Shelter & safety. It is your job to protect your dog from society and society from your dog.
  • Great food (yes, diet effects behavior.) watch out for allergies, histamine can do crazy things to your mood, as well as gas or indigestion.
  • When is your dog comfortable and happy. Pay more attention to when your dog is doing the right thing and make a big deal of it. REWARD GOOD BEHAVIOR.
  • Calm, your emotional state is one of the greatest influences for your dog’s behavior and the better your dog knows you, the stronger this effect becomes.
  • Secure your dog! Until you go see a vet and Motley Dog, your job is to keep your dog and others safe. Do not make excuses or rationalize your dog’s behavior. See a pro.
  • Environment and Situation awareness are keep factors. Small Victories.
  • Health, now even a wolf that is having a medical emergency might be docile but, injury, disease or just not feeling strong can make a dog think that they need to be aggressive.

Google is going to be upset that we are repeating things but, if your dog is aggressive, it is worth repeating. Your dog could be injured or injure someone or something else. These can be serious financial and life changing situations. We do not take them lightly. If you have a big dog or a bully breed, no matter what happened, it will likely be your dog’s fault. It is not your dog fault. We use the analogy of caring a loaded gun. If you do not know how to care a loaded gun, you should not have one. Even the most elite dogs are dogs and can be unpredictable, so, learn the basics.

How to training an aggressive dog?

Seems counterintuitive for you to have to follow some of the basics we advise but, be aware, the behavior is often a contradiction. You ever wonder across a scary looking person? What they are doing is trying to scare you off before you hurt them. Weird, right, most animal aggression comes from fear. The overwhelming majority of dog bites are caused by improper handling of dogs. We will give you three indicators that you are not dealing with a dog expert to help you avoid this and then cover a little about the types of dog aggression, some facts, real world examples and cover dog bites.

Three indicators that you are not dealing with a dog expert

The first sign that you are possibly in trouble with your aggressive dog, is the person that does not even ask if they can pet your dog. So, you are out someone rushes up to pet your dog without asking, it is your job to protect your dog, get out in front of your dog and between the dog and person and defend your dog. I did not see it coming, well that is covered in situational awareness. It is a dangerous wold out there, so, you should know this survival tactic for yourself. If you are lucky, they will ask before contact.

Size the person up, are they excited, this is not good! You do not have to point this out just mention that they are in training and walk away.

  1. Do they quickly jam their hand in your dog’s face? Predators love motion, sticking anything in your face or your dog’s face is an aggressive act, Your job is to be ready for this foolish behavior and pull your dog away before skin is broken. Yes, this stupid behavior is so ingrained in our society that you have to expect that this is what will happen. If the person is unscaved, move away anyway. You both got lucky. There are worse offenders.

If your dog warns them, and they square off in front of your dog and stare at your dog or bend over putting their face in the dog’s face and try to say nice things well, This is not intelligent and is often accompanied by some excuse of how they know dogs or all dogs like them or whatever. Leave immediately.

2. So, you gave permission does the person let the dog deciede or do you or the other person try to make this monment happen? it is always the dog’s choice, if you do not respect your dog’s choice it is on you.

3. Going for the head of petting, I know, I know we call them pets but, exactly the same number of dogs as people really enjoy being pet. The next time someone comes up and starts patting your on the shoulder remember how your felt. Scratch, stroke and make sure the dog sees it coming. Never the head unless the dog choses it and always calm and gental.

Again situational awarness is your job, does your dog have at least two clear routes of escape? Never corner a dog, always let the dog choose and remember whatch out for your dog.

These are great guidlines for all dogs but, if your dog is know to be aggressive it is your responsibility to protect your dog and manage any and all encounters with the outside world.

Dog Aggression: “types”:

Categorization of behavior is an attempt to understand the cue or trigger of the behavior. It is a good tool in some cases, such as, leash aggression, resource guarding, or redirected aggression this points out where you need to be alert around your dog. These behaviors are innate characteristics of almost all animals. No one likes to be confined like on a leash, no one likes others to take their stuff and if you are having a seriously bad day you might lash out at a good friend without even thinking about it.

The overwhelming majority of dog trainers focus too much on category and not enough on the cause. Leash aggression is not caused by the leash. The leash is the situation, context or cue that puts your dog in a situation where they feel fear and/or the need to aggress. Boundary aggression, is it really caused by a boundary ? Is your dog aggressive toward men or just some people and dogs, but, not always? Motley Dog can help you understand why, the cause.

Facing the cause is the path to the solution.

For Motley Dog Training, we use the analogy of learning to use your weapon before you are in a firefight! Easy to remember and gets your attention. That is the point. We are elaborating this stuff for you so, that you learn it, and we want your attention. Categories for us are simply situations you need to know and be vigilante in with your dog. If you know your dog is aggressive toward people or other dogs, and you walk right into a dog or person, this is on you. This is #1 on our little list up on top, your dog will get stressed in predictable scenarios. Know them.

Here is something that no other dog training business or dog trainer will tell you.

We tell every one of our clients before their first session to be certain that they have seen their veterinarian. Most do not listen until it is obvious that this is necessary. Research shows that great medical management combined with great dog training improves behavior far better than just one or the other. However, if you see your Veterinarian and this fixes the problem we are happy, our mission is to help dogs not collect dog training clients.

Illness, injury and medical maladies cause aggression, anxiety depression and fear. Have your dog checked out. As crazy as it sounds, even if your dog had their annual exam the day before our first session, they are not cleared. What do we mean there is a large list of medical problems that can cause changes in behavior, you need to alert your veterinarian to the fact that you are concerned about your dog’s behavior so that they know what to check?

This is why one of the Motley Dog Regs is to fully disclose your dog’s past behavior. We need to be looking in the right place. Help us get to know your dog may lead to simple solutions, and in some cases you might not even have an aggressive dog. Remember the most common cause of dog bites is improper handleing of dogs. Biting someone does not mean that you are aggressive. Giveing a good warning with a growl does not mean your are aggessive.

Your dog is not aggressive

How to know if your dog is aggressive?

This happens, Remember, posturing, growling, barking, biting and aggression are all methods of communication for a dog, so you have to get to know your dog and learn to “drive your dog” We should let your know that if your goal is to having a dog that will tolerate all the stupid human tricks we consider this disrespectful and are not for you. This goes for human dog and dog to dog socilization. Select your dog with care or love and respect the dog you are with. This is way we do not and will never offer Good Citizen Certifictes, they have no respeact for indiviudle differneces in dogs.

Here is reality, just like people some dogs like differnt things then others. Some dogs are good at certain things then others just like your or I. So, if you failed the canine good citizen exam, that is not your failure or your dog’s failure not even the trainers failure except they should not be taking money to train dogs if they can not accuratly assess a dog’s streaths and weaknesses. When looking for a professional dog trainer that is something your should ask about and pay close attention to the answer. They can not change who your dog is, neither can we. We can and do imporve who your dog is but, some dogs love other dogs and people some dogs do not. You figure this out in the dog selection phase. We do not change your dog we help you and your dog use there abilities in successful ways.

One of your team member remarks:

I recommend Motley Dog training, Motley is great to work with, you don’t feel like just another client. He takes the time to get to know you and your situation. I thought I had an aggressive dog, no-it was me, and Motley explained why my GSD was acting the way he was. He took the time to work with me and my dog, so we could achieve my goal of calmer and obedient dog. We still have work to do, but at least it is going in a positive direction, and I am so happy about it.
Motley is upfront, honest and patient, and he wants you to succeed-you can’t ask for more than that
Thank you!

Video of an Aggressive dog and a dog that is not

Dog Attack on Video of a Dog That is Aggressive:

A video may help you get some insight into common misconceptions about dogs aggression and how people view aggression in their own dogs.

A Dog That is Aggressive
A Dog That is not really Aggressive

Admitting you have a problem is the first step

There are many safe and effective methods that are known to improve dog aggression that have been explored and studied objectively by the scientific community involved in treating the most serious aggression cases.  

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