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Dog training sessions with Motley are super easy to set up, just email Motley, and we will offer you a date a time and a location. The time to start is TODAY!

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Please include: dog’s name, age, sex and how long you have had the dog. The number of dogs in the home. Where is your dog relaxed and what makes your dog happy, Medical status and behavior concerns. !!!! See your Veterinarian fist !!!

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The time to start is TODAY!

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Step One : Choose single sessions or prepaid four session package

Each session is about one hour long.

Step Two: Call or email Motley to set up a time and location for your first session.

This is where you tell us all about your dog, bring a friend or significant other.

All session must be confirmed via email.

EASY: Just like our Motley Dog Training Techniques.

Our teams say it best:

I would like to review Motley. Five stars all the way! I called him for some advice on dealing with my puppy and his submissive urination. Motley took the time to educate me, give me a bunch of free advice, and it worked amazingly well.

Not only did he give me free advice, but then he called to follow up a few weeks later! This is unheard of customer service nowadays! I was in awe at his “dog whispering”! He truly understands dog psychology and training of behaviors. I look forward to utilizing his services in the future for other behaviors!

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A Big THANK YOU to all of our teams! Helping you and your dogs is our greatest reward!