How to Get Your Dog Thinking

Your dog is always thinking. It may not be as complex as humans but, they do have emotions, motivations as well as many of the same psychological challenges that we suffer from. Your dog thinking is how they attempt to meet their needs. to elaborate:

While I have never come across a canine with schizophrenia, I know without a doubt that they have fears, anxiety and anger issues. It is not likely that a dog will solve global warming but, they might just surprise you. let take a look at how this dog training technique is used by special operations dog trainers.

Dog Obedience Exercise,The Basics

You are excited to teach your new puppy or dog how to sit. Many of us give the sit command and hope for the best. Due to our enthusiasm to complete this task we might try to lure or even push on that tush. Now while you can get your dog to sit with these methods but, in our years of experience we have found that for many reasons these kinds of training limit future training. If you have other behaviors that you want to teach your puppy or dog in the future getting your dog thinking is the best.

Building the foundation

When I begin to train a dog I don’t even start with commands. I play with and engage the dog. I reward the behaviors they offer that I want to teach them in the future. The goal of this game is to get them to start offering behaviors. The better the two of you get at this game the more behaviors your dog will offer. This is the point at which we start defining each skill with our dog.

Step One in Basic Dog Training is Get Your Dog’s Attention

Just like people you can not learn new things if you are not paying attention and motivated to learn. Yes, the ability to maintain your dog’s attention is intimately tied to drive and motivation. This is why food is such a common thing in dog training it gets your dogs attention and taps into a drive. Assuming you succeed at getting your dog’s attention work on maintaining their attention.

Step Two Give the Command

Now it will take some time for your dog to really understand what you mean went you tell them to sit so right now we are hoping for some luck and it might not happen. The first secret to getting your dog thinking. Do not get so focused on sit that you miss your puppy doing something that you will want in the future. For example you might say sit and the little fella might run up to you and stand in front of you. This is the beginning to a solid come or heal command. Reward that little fella.

Do Not Get stuck on A Single Behavior.

Play with your dog or puppy try to get them to walk around with you and when you really have their attention, give the sit command again. eventually your dog will try sitting down.

Step Three Mark The Behavior

What is a mark, glad you asked. A mark is simply a noise that dog will hear every time they do exactly what you just asked them to do. Clicker training is a great resource to master the art of marking a behavior. I our opinion this is likely the most important part of teach your dog a new behavior. This is how they know exactly what they did that made you so happy so, using a unique sound, timing and consistency are necessary to build a great mark.

Karen Pryor is a well know dog trainer and the best resource for understanding clicker training as well as a few other tricks. Fundamentals of clicker training.

Step Four Reward That Dog

To begin we are using food however, Motley Dog Training goes into detail regarding drives, internal and external motivators as well as mastering the mark. While we do not require a clicker we do cover the concept in detail.

Again not a food reward be sure your dog is having a great time and learning

The greatest reward for you dog maybe you? They may even see us as family? Not sure but, fun for dog lovers to read.Ever wounder what your dog thinks of you ? Scientists Use Brain Scans To Reveal What Dogs Really Think of Us

A Quick Summery for Reference for Training Your Dog

A. Get and maintain your dog’s attention

B. Give the command

C. Mark the Behavior

D. Reward your best friend

There are four tiers to what we training at Motley Dog Training.

  1. Foundation
  2. Learning and comms
  3. Tighten it up
  4. Tier One

All skills should be practiced in a static position, with movement and in operation.

Want to Learn More About the Science of Behavior?

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