Dog Obedience Training: Tier One

Dog Obedience Training can be useful for every dog and their person. It sets up how to teach our dog and how to communicate with each other, set boundaries for your dog and learn how to teach and lead your dog. Motley Dog Training does not teach obedience, we teach discipline. This is a fancy word for consistency. Dogs are some of the most consistent animals we know. So, buckle up.

Here is a money saving tip, don’t have time to train your dog? Not so good at discipline yourself? It is not your dog. Save your money, no training is better than bad training. (Ritland, 2017) Look it is better to get this out in front and deal with it, you are not alone but, we have dogs and people that need us and would do anything for the dog. So, would we! We are here for you.

You will learn how to teach your dog formal commands that are common to dog training, as well as the Motley Dog Basics. You will also learn how to understand your dog and work as a team when challenges arise. Learning in the real world as opposed to a classroom will offer obstacles that we all encounter, and you never know when there will be a behavioral challenge until you run into it.

After canine behavior modification

If you have a pup or dog with a canine behavioral obstacle the needs work, that is where we start. However, once we have a good handle on the dog’s anxiety, aggression or both, then Dog Obedience training can help build stronger connections and solidify the behaviors learned in special training. Since you have the Motley Dog Basics down, this is going to be easy.

It takes more time, discipline and effort on your part to help a dog with a behavioral concern then dog Obedience ever will. You really won’t need obedience training, just follow the Motley Dog Basics you learned. If you are a former Motley Dog Team Member you are always a team member, need help, contact us now.

The Basics

The basics used to train the bravest Special Operations dog or an obedient family dog are the same.

National K9 Veterans Day, March 13,

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Dog Obedience. Working Dog Magazine
The only Mag my lil boy reads.

Specialized Dog Training

Specialization such as, protection dogs, service dogs or military working dogs comes after you have a solid foundation: The basics.

Tier one dog training

K9 Agility Training with a purpose. The best dog obedience offered.

Agility training for dogs with a purpose
Dog agility Training with a purpose
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But for your family dog.

Your dog

Do you want an obedient dog? A dog that listens to you? Tier One Dog Training by Motley is for you.

The Motley Dog Advantage

Learning our foundation for all dog training combined with our episodic/elaboration dog training techniques will mean less repetition but, to say that you can master a skill without repeating in, well that is just nutty. As always, dog are just like us, if you do not practice a skill you will lose it or at least not be very good at it.

Luckily, our conditioning protocols are woven into your everyday activities and included in episodes during training exercises, not like any other dog training. So purely repeating for the sake of “memory” is not how we do it. Dogs are highly susceptible to phenomena known as state dependent learning. Observing this is how our leader came up with the theory of episodic memories in dogs. We only use conditioning to fine tune a skill, and the more you practice, the better you will get. However, you have to practice under the correct conditions and in the right way. We are here for that.