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Lesson One: Leadership is not dominance

Want to be the “leader of the pack?” go buy a lama, dogs are not pack animals. But, we can make you an intelligent team leader. The first steps in how to become a dog handler: is to understand your job.

Dog Handler: How to

Did you know in the Military the dog outranks the handler so, that no one is confused about whom is in charge? Leadership is not about dominance, it is about communication. Research into leadership, yes we have studied it, that is our job, anyway, research shows that the best leaders are call Charismatic Leaders. If you can not charm your dog, that is where we will start. Always better to focus on what your dog does right, this will buy you some trust and your dog’s confidence in your leadership.

Don’t despair if you get an easy dog, your dog will make you look good even if you are a horrible dog handler. Our job in treating your K9 for animal behavioral therapy or dog obedience is to be certain that it does not depend on luck. If you have a highly intelligent, confident and independent dog or a dog with leash aggression, fear of the leash or other related concerns you will need to learn your job which is, how to be a dog handler.

Being aggressive does not equal an attempt to over trough leadership

My dog is guarding his food, or toys he wants to be my boss, he is trying to dominate me. Now here is one of those things that if you do not understand what dominance is, you might think we are contradicting ourselves. Your dog is a predator and a scavenger so, they wander around and find something they value, or you try to mess with their food, they make a calculation of risk versus reward and decided to aggress or surrender the object. They do not have a plan to over trough you as the boss and be the leader. Great dog handlers understand animal behavior and deal with it accordingly.

Do not Panic, your attitude rubs off on your dog

Do not panic, we are not engineering a bioweapon here but, you will have to pay attention to your surroundings and your dog. Put the phone away and really enjoy some time with your dog. Isn’t that why you have a dog?

To understand the dog handler’s job is to understand your dog, This is where individuals differences matter the most, meaning that you have to know your dog. That is why this is Motley Dog Training Basic one. To understand dog handling, we use the analogy of driving a car. Most of us have some experience driving a car, so it seemed like a good idea at the time. At Motley Dog Training, we teach you how to drive your dog.

Learning to Drive your dog

Learning how to drive your dog is the foundation of performing in difficult situations with your dog, and those that do not understand this have a horrible time trying to “train” some dogs. As we have mentioned, all behavior is on a continuum of spectrum. So, there are easy dogs that figure us out and kind of just do what we tell them, regardless of our lack of skill. Many dog trainers search out these dogs as demo dogs and keep them around because these dog make them look good. (A trade secret)

Why do dogs pull on the leash and how to stop it?

Looking good is not the same as being good, so at Motley Dog Training we prefer a challenge. Yes, there are dogs that understand perfectly what you want but, unless you are skilled and do your job, they couldn’t care less. These are our absolute favorite dogs to train because their confidence and independence make them free thinkers, and they will test you. Even after you have “mastered” a skill, these dogs will watch and find a weak spot and take advantage. These challenges are what separates the elite from the average. Not all dogs come with the confidence to think for themselves, so, that is where we start.

You have to be in the best state of mind to learn

Our goal is to help you guide your dog through the world while they just enjoy being a dog. Some dogs come with fear, anxiety, depression or aggressive dog obstacles. Motley Dog Training specializes in animal behavior. We love to help your dog move past these common behavioral challenges that both man and canine face. The major difference in Motley Dog Training is that you lean your job you also need to be in the best possible mental state. We use what is called the stress diathesis model so, be advised. We will test your mood as well as your dog’s. This is our job.

What is it like to have anxiety?

Learn your job first

No, your job is not to wounder around with a pouch and a clicker repeating commands over and over. How boring is that? Your job as a dog handler is to learn to drive your dog. Just like driving, keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. This requires learning some skills on your part. We just wanted to let you know. Many dog trainers come up with saying like make dog training easy, the fastest dog training in the west, whatever.

Our take is this, if this was a relationship with someone you loved, would you want to make if fast? Likely, you would want to spend a lot of time and energy on this relationship. Many dog training programs are based on your dog learning to understand you and do as you ask. This is not a relationship, it is a dictatorship. If this is what you are looking for then you are in the wrong place, Google own. For those that realize relationships take time and effort, you have found your dog trainer. Your first job is to lean your dog’s language, and your second job is to use that to drive your dog. This is why we use the term team.

We Create Teams

At Motley Dog Training, we honestly strive to create a team. You have to learn your job and then teach it to your dog. In the majority of cases those that learn to drive their dog do not have to teach their dogs anything further because dogs are intelligent, and they want to be on our team.

We do not use the word owner around here. Your dog is not your slave, and it was not put on this earth for your entertainment. Dogs offer us absolute and unquestioning companionship. We think dogs should be free thinking, confident and able to enjoy their lives and the world they live in. The skills you learn are also useful in business, on the job or in your relationships with other people but, hey don’t tell your dog.

Lesson Two:

What is a leash for? Hint we prefer the term “lead”

If you are one of those that think yanking your dog around will show them who is boss well, you likely got this poor technique from someone like the dog whisperer, or someone lost in the past that still thinks pack theory was good science.

Pulling and yanking your dog around does not work, or it would not be one of the most commonly googled and asked questions in dog training today. This goes for ecollars, pinch collars or chock chains, if you chock your dog well, We have been there done that, it does not work, and you look foolish doing these things. Yes, the best way to control a person is to chock them but, society does not think that is acceptable, neither do we.

Domestic Dogs are breed to tolerate and obey us

Here are a few facts, the majority of dogs are bred to obey and tollearte humans. Even if you treat them like shit, can your say that on a blog? We have been told to be nice, educate and hope for the best. I do appologize but, if you can not figure out how to lead your dog without a device considering their breeding you need help. Yes, we still have a dog trainer right here in Broomfield that loves these devices. There are better methods. If you chose to do this to your dog because it is faster then you need to consider why you have a dog?

Here is a funny thing that happens a lot. I will run into someone who has a great dog, and they confuse my admiration for their dog as being associated with them. How cool your dog is, how mean your dog is or how, big your dog is does not translate to you. If you want to impress us know how to handle your dog.

We know how to use pitch collars and ecollars

We know how to use pinch collars, if you and your dog have a need to use one of these devices we will let you know. Our decision to not use these methods comes down to our goals here at MDT, Learn how to really teach a dog, communicate with a dog and help dogs. We garuntee you that if these things helped with any of our goals we would be using them regardless of the veiw of others.

We chose who we follow very carfully and yes who you follow is your choice, unless of corse they are dominating you. We want your dog to be free to be a dog this requires your knowing how to lead. The use of force should be a last resort in all things. Military Woring Dogs and Police K9’s are breed and rigously selected for their job, you do not have one. Tust us, the probability of your having a dog with their drive, determaination and will is extreemly slim. They are difficult for the people who need them to find so really what is the probabily that your breeded sold you one? Remember people in the dog bussiness tell you what they can see that you want to hear. A Motley Dog Difference and a big one we do not. This is why we have far better outcomes then most and yes rearly we will have to tolerate a tatrum on google reviews but, your dog is more important then your money.

A Little Training for You

Here is a little training for you, those that can not see that you are a weak person hiding behind a big dog or gun are not very bright, and they will only end up getting you in to more trouble. It is easy to hurt people and animals if you want to be someone important, try leaving people and animals better off than when you found them. This is not the easy way, and it can get scary, but, you will know your really earned it and that will give you a feeling that is 2nd to none.

What is a collar or harness for?

Our teams know the answer, but, keep it to yourselves. The elite secrets to great dog training and dog handling. Known to only a select few. Your dogs thank you, and Motley Dog Training thanks you.

This one is worth repeating, there is no such thing as a training collar, harness or leash. You can either teach your dog or you can not. Not everyone is a good teacher, that is why teachers deserver a lot of respect. Get help if you need it, ask more questions and offer fewer answers.

Full disclosure when a dog “goes off” we will pull the dog out of the situation using the lead and harness. This is for the dog’s protection, your protection or our protection. Yes, if you are in eminate danger you need to use the least amount of controled force that is nessisary to handle the situation. We use a harness with a handle for just such occassions. There is no punishment invloved and no prolonged confinment or restraint of the dog. When your dog “goes off” this is not the time to teach them, ride out the storm camly and quietly keeping yourself and others safe and when the episod is over calmly go back to teaching. How do we know we are doing a good job, the frequency and severity of these episode will decrease. Yes, it is your dog that has the final opion of our seccees of failure.

Lesson Three: A Motley Dog Basic

Sad but true, dogs are bred to put up with us and even to some extent love being around us, so, don’t be so easily impressed with yourself and try to deserve it. Those that realize this are great dog handlers, and they know that if the training is not going to plan, it is never the dog’s fault. Your first question should be: Where did I go wrong in teaching my dog?

The Answer to ever dog training question on Google is:

Where did you go wrong in teaching your dog?

Lesson Four: Consistency, Discipline

We are talking about you not your dog, it is never your dog’s fault. You wanted to be the leader, so, lead. Be consistent, have discipline. Look, if this is not your strong suit we get it but, leave your dog alone and do not blame your dog.

Give us some credit we know that in order to sell dog training our job is to tell you how easy, fun and fast our dog training is so, how stupid are we. Just like the first Viking that wanted to row west we seem stupid but, have learned a couple of useful things in life. We hope they help The Motley Dog “Regs” are designed to weed out those that lack disipline.

First, stop always looking for the fast easy way to do everything. It actaully takes more time then just putting in the effort and doing it right in the first place it is actauly a lot faster our way. More fun? Who do you think is having more fun with their dog and gettting more from our relationship? look with a dog all the cards are stacked in your favor so, if you can not invest a little time into your dog and have a great relationship with them well? We can not save the world.

Motley Dog Difference

We study, learn and push ourselves everyday to be better with dogs, we are only as good as our last session. So, contact us and see how we did. Are you not happy about something? we want to know. We are not fragile and we can only improve if you let us know what your think.

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