Dog Aggression Training, How To Help Your Dog

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Dog aggression and how we train your furry companion is a balance of learning new skills before facing your dog’s difficult spots. This process changes how you both think and behave when confronted by a trigger of your dog’s aggression. How does this happen?

Dogs favor episodic learning which is our specialty. We theorize that canine memory is a bit like little movies or match the picture games. Dog memory is cued by sights, sounds, smells, touch and perhaps taste.

in other words, by altering scenarios (episodes) gradually your dog’s cognition or way of seeing the situation begins to change. This internal change alters how your dog behaves in all situations. This process is based on cognitive reframing.

With decades of experience and a Masters of Science to boot, behavioral science is our thing and we are ready and able to help your pup.

Types of Dog Aggression

What does all of this mean? There are many places you can find lists of dog aggression or even types of dog aggression or dog aggression triggers. While the context is important none of these lists address the underlying cause of dog aggression.

Therefore, Our training is very different because we only focus on the causes of canine aggressive behavior.

Did you know there are 7 major types of dog aggression?

How We Train Aggressive Dogs?

Where We Begin

We begin with an assessment of your team and identify the skills that we need to teach you and your dog. This process starts to change your thinking. Yes, we love to make your dog think. Research supports the idea that getting your dog thinking.

  • Improves quality of life more then any other activity
  • Makes training your dog more effective in less time.
  • Might be the most entertaining thing you and your dog will learn since it unlocks your dog true potential.

Sessions are designed to place you and your pup in situations that test your skill and allow us to get to know you in different circumstances. This process is necessary in order for us to design the correct training plan that is just for you and your dog. Even if you have two male Aussie shepherds you will notice they are individuals that react differently even in the same situation.

Private Dog Aggression Training Focused on Your Dog!

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