Dog Aggression Training, How To Help Your Dog

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Training your aggressive companion is a balance of changing how you both think and see trouble situations. We train our teams to know how you manage difficult real world situations. This improves the mental state of your dog.

Just like we humans if K9’s are prone to aggressive episodes it is more difficult for them to learn. Obedience is about learning what to do and when to do it. So, it is no surprise that aggressive dog are difficult to train.

With over two decades of experience and a Masters of Science to boot, behavioral science is our thing and we are ready and able to help your pup.

Did you know there are 7 major types of dog aggression?

How We Train Aggressive Dogs

We begin with an assessment of your team and identify the skills that will help you change and manage aggressive behavior.

Private Dog Training Focused on You!

We know from years of experience that the use of force only gets poor results for the dog. Our techniques begin by focusing on “relationship dog training”. A great example is when listening to a great Military dog handler or K9 cop. They all use the training collars right? That is not where they start. If you really listen to them talk about their dog it is about they very close relationship they have with each other that makes the team excel.

Motley Dog Training Focuses on “Small Victories”.

That is right the true foundation of a great team and a well trained dog is that relationship. The skills are shaped. A word often used in Psychology and Dog Training to mean slowly changing behavior. This is our dog training philosophy.

Experience Matters

Canines learn by experience and perceive the world relying far more on their senses then we humans who do a lot of abstract thinking and calculating. Knowing this we realize that it is not just what you experience but how you experience it that determines if your dog will change how they think and behave in a given situation.

When we train your dog we consider every possible variable and design your dog behavioral training plan to give you the best chance at a meaningful change in your dogs life. When your dog’s psychology is in order obedience is possible.

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