Dog Aggression Training, How To Help Your Dog

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Ah, Aggression in dogs, we get it! When your dog seems to attack and lunge at everything they can see, regardless of how far away it might be, you really have a hard time understanding your dog’s behavior.

Why does my dog become aggressive? Why is my dog aggressive toward men and not women? How come my dog is ok with some dogs, but, not others? How do I know which dogs or people my dog might bite? Common questions for dog trainers.

Stuff You Know About Dogs

Dog are bred to do jobs for people. Breeding focuses on creating traits common to the breed. Some of the “Major” traits in canines are protection, herding, hunting and being adorable. It follows that many of the skills required to be successful at these jobs requires the ability to be an aggressive dog. Often these traits seem to modern man as being aggressive, when they really are not. Your dog needs to learn how to use their natural talents and abilities. Incorrect dog training techniques can lead to aggression and anxiety in perfectly normal dogs. Step one is to learn about your dog and determine the most important things we need to training your team to improve your relationship.

Where We Start

We start with determining your dog’s current condition. Do they have anxiety, or fear based aggression. What are we looking for?

The potential in you and your dog. What are the two of you good at? What are your strengths.

The Basics

  1. Health
  2. Your relationship with your dog
  3. Communication with your dog
  4. Understanding dogs (likely not what you are thinking)
  5. Building skills and concepts, The Motley Dog Basics
  6. Staying on target and perfecting the techniques that work the best for your dog

Dog Training with us is a process. We build on what you come to us with. Using what works and eliminating what does not work. This makes training your dog easier and you will see improvements sooner. The most important responsibility of an expert is to know when something is not working and what to do to correct it.

Previous Dog Training Attempts

We are often confused by reports of our teams having gone to multiple dog trainers and received the same instruction. We are not like other dog trainers. Better dog training, better dog behavior. Tell us right away about any previous training and dog training techniques you are trying. Getting you and your dog on the right track might be as simple as addressing this situation. If you have tried other dog trainers and are just not happy with the results or if you would like to learn new methods of dog behavior training. You have found your dog behavior experts. Joint the Motley Dog Training teams today.

Session One Assessment and Redirection

Based on the information that you have provide to us before scheduling your first session and a few tests we determine where you are in the process of training your dog. The bases or the foundation of the relationship between you and your dog is the most important factor in successfully changing a dog behavior. We are not like other dog trainers or dog behaviorists so, this process will not be what you might have expected.

Making the Life of a Dog Better

We love to train aggressive dogs because the majority of these cases are based on reducing fear, frustration and/or over excitement. Offering a better understanding of your dog and how to work with your dog to make it through previously dangerous encounters. If it is found that the aggression is neutral, it can even be used as a sport or skill. Motley’s Dog Training methods and philosophy.

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