Better Treatment & Training for Dogs with Anxiety

We are the only dog training organization that is qualified to use psychology to help your dog with problems like fear, anxiety, aggression and the behaviors that are associated with these conditions. Why is that important, psychology is where dog trainers get all the good stuff, we have mastered both.

Fearful dog Behavior
Fear and anxiety are no way to go through life

Is your dog driving you crazy? Is it a little frustrating to walk them or get them to listen to you? Does your dog or puppy seem to suddenly become aggressive for no reason? Can’t leave your dog at home without worrying about the disaster you will return to? Fear and Anxiety in dogs causes many of the most common dog behaviors that just drive people nuts. We specialize in bad dog behavior. We help timid, fearful and anxious dogs have a great time in life. Motley, experts in dog training, psychology and treatment of anxiety disorders in dogs.

Canine Anxiety Disorders

We specialize in working with dogs that have fear based issues like aggression and canine separation anxiety. Many behaviors that we are asked about, have a basis in fear and anxiety. Even that timid little dog or the giant dog that attacks everything may be trying to tell you that they need help. Dogs do their best to communicate with us but, they can not just tell us what is going on so, you need a professional.

Dogs that tear things up, bark all the time, or have common dog behavior challenges may be letting you know that they need help. Even simple things like having a hard time listening to you or learning the formal commands of dog training are often a result of fear and anxiety and not a matter of disobedience.

We are the only organization that is actually qualified to use psychology to help dogs with anxiety. Why psychology? Anything that is of any use in dog training was taken from psychology. Not only do we know all the stuff dog trainers know, we are masters of psychology. We have named is cognitive behavioral dog training. Catchy no? We actually help your dog have a better life by treating their anxiety.

Fear and Anxiety, related but, not the same

In order to help a dog with Anxiety, you have to know that fear, being timid or just having a bad dog day, is not the same as suffering from anxiety. Even thought, fear is a feature of anxiety, anxiety is not that obvious unless you witness a full blow episode. Things we call episodes of anxiety are extreme events. Being so anxious that you are obviously fearful is the stage right before a major episode occurs so, In order to actually help a dog or person with anxiety, it is required that you are educated and experienced in psychology and behavior. This is why we use cognitive behavior dog training techniques.

Major classifications of human and canine anxiety disorders

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Where is your dog relaxed?

One of the most important parts of determining the best training or treatment methods is to analyze the behavior of your dog. Those that are experts in behavior understand that there is a lot of observation, testing and measuring behavior in order to find the best solution for your dog. Novices in behavior do not understand that behavior during normal everyday activity gives experts valuable information and an understanding of the overall condition of the canine being treated.

Anyone who has ever experienced anxiety knows that it is a complex disorder, and you want the person helping you to have years of education and experience under their belt. That is us.

Dog Trainer Education

Anxiety is a spectrum of behavior ranging from slight frustration all the way to full-blown panic attacks and similar episodes. Regardless of the categorization of, Anxiety, it is a fluid disorder and not defined by “triggers.” Triggers are a feature of Anxiety, not the underlying cause of the disorder. It takes a lot of tools, education and experience practicing the art of helping any animal with anxiety. Since most cases of animal aggression are often caused by anxiety. You have to have your chops down for treating anxiety, or anything good that comes from dog training was just luck. Again, we know that successful treatment of anxiety require a plan design for your dog, not all techniques for anxiety work on every dog. Here is the kicker, by the time the majority of dog trainers realize that their dog training techniques are not working for this dog it is too late, you have done more damage to the canine in question.

Psychology is better than dog training

There is a reason that all dog training is borrowed from psychology, and also a reason that a psychologist has never borrowed a theory from a behaviorist. This is why there is a sudden interest in scientific dog training, we have been at it for decades.

Misconceptions of Animal Behaviorists

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Puppies have special considerations when it comes to anxiety treatment

Most dog trainers live under the misconception that dog behavior is somehow different from human behavior. You and I are animals. Not surprisingly when we are having psychological challenges we are far more similar to our dogs than some of us might want to admit so, the science is clear dog and human behavior is animal behavior. Knowing this, we are animal behavior experts and already know the psychology others are just trying to learn.

Dog Trainer Education

Did you know that dogs have the same brain chemistry as humans? When I feel Anxiety, it is the same biochemical reaction as my lil boy. Yes, as humans we can use our superior bran power to make disorders like aggression and anxiety more complicated than our dogs can but, that is not really an advantage. The important thing is that you understand your dog thinks and makes decisions just like you do. Anxiety in a dog is improved in the same manner that we treat humans, it is just less complicated.


Counter conditioning, conditioning techniques, the things that the majority of dog trainers and “dog behavior experts” base everything on are just tools. We have to use cognitive behavioral dog training techniques to correct many of the common dog trainer mistakes in behavior cases. Dog Behavior modification in the teams of dog training is not effective, and we use techniques that actual work to make your dog’s life better. All most all other dog training or dog behavior is designed to get your dog to do what you want or stop doing what you do not want. This is canine obedience. Regardless of attempt to claim to be dog behavior experts, obedience is just one simple facet of behavior. Our goal is to change the way your dog thinks and feels about the world. Cognitive Behavior. Until just recently animal behaviorist were just that they focused on what they could see, behavior and thought that what was going on between the ears had little to do with it. As usual, Psychologists were already ahead of them, leading the way to get your dog thinking and improving your dog’s behavior with better science. We call it Cognitive Behavioral Dog Training.

Get help for your dog anxiety from those qualified to help

Build a team

We study all aspects of animal and human behavior, as well as new dog training. We take the best of it, to help you and your dog. Motley offers Cognitive Behavioral Dog Training, Dog Training that will help you achieve any goal that you and your dog might come up with. From dog obedience to the very difficult cases of extreme canine anxiety or dog aggression of any type. Our lead dog has an MS in Behavioral Sciences and decades of experience. Yes, this is more effective than any other dog training or dog behavior modification.

Things like age and health cause anxiety in dogs just like people, Get help

Most dog aggression is caused by canine anxiety as is the majority of dog behavior that we all complain about, so, come to experts that know dog aggression and dog anxiety.

We also do not hide the Motley Dog “Regs” they are designed to help your dog, just like everything we do around here.