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We have expertise in behavioral sciences and behaviorism and pride ourselves on improving the life of your dog. Anxiety, depression and aggression. They are all interrelated, and you can not treat one without an understanding the others. Motley’s Methods and Dog Training Philosophy. We help dogs!

Dogs have helped thousands of people make it through the hard times in life, We are here for them.

The Science on dogs is in

Canine Mood Disorders

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Dogs suffer from mood disorders just like their people do. We have been applying canine cognitive behavioral training and treatment for decades and have an excellent record of success in improving anxiety disorders in dogs. In some cases the training has helped people too.

Anxiety in Dogs Misdiagnosed

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Dog anxiety can be general, your dog is always very sensitive and fearful, even if it is not obvious. They may pace around the house and find it difficult to rest. Dogs with anxiety my seem super excited like they are having a great time, many describe this as acting crazy or my dog is just excited. Predators hide fear, it is seen as a weakness. This is also why many dogs with anxiety and fear resort to aggression.

Generalized Canine Anxiety is often confused with disobedient dogs, bad dogs, and many of the unwanted dog behaviors you contact us about.

The Animal Brain

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Research has found that mood disorders in people and dogs is based in the “animal brain.” This can be seen as a malfunction of our fight, flight or freeze response. On the brighter side some dogs and people seem to have no fear and these are the K9’s we depend on for many dangerous jobs. Looking at the treatments for humans and dog that have shown to be the most effective also supports this theory.

Dog Anxiety Treatments with the Best Results

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The medical interventions for canine anxiety use the same medications we humans use. We have adapted Cognitive Behavior Treatment and training technique to be useful to dogs.

Medication is not always necessary, however, if it is recommended. Research has found that training with medication offers the best results.

Talking to your vet is the first thing we would like you to do. Health, exercise and nutrition are just some of the easy things we need to check.

Our Mission is to Make the Lives of Dogs and People Better

If your dog is fearful, anxious or depressed we have be helping dogs for years, and we would love to help you and your little monster have the life you deserve.

Dr. Karen Overall: Temperament vs Genetics

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Where does aggression and/or anxiety begin in dogs?

In most cases as a puppy. Psychologist have known for a very long time that aggression and anxiety are rooted in the expression of our DNA, creating a phenotype and coloring all of our life experiences. You can help a canine at any age to improve behavior, but, it is always nice to start with puppy behavior training that gives you a kind of blueprint to help your puppy become the best pup they can be.

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