From Motley and the Team

Afraid that dog training will make your dog unhappy and unable to just enjoy being a dog? After reading this feedback, we felt that this is a great thing to focus on when considering dog training, It prompted: A few words, from Motley and the Team.

Motley Dog Training says, Good for you!

If your are concurned about your dog being the best dog that they can be our first questions is, WHO is your dog.

Now if your answer began with their breed, that is common, however, it is wrong. Breed has little to dog with who your dog is.

I know full, disclosure we have a hard time with this one as well, until we opened our mind and realized that we had learned something important. I think society is strugling with this even as we speak. Being a member of a group or race or sexaul orientation is only a part of your identity. Just like people even though everydog picutured is of the same breed, who they are goes far beyond that. If your dog is a member of your family and you really want to know your dog, Motley Dog Training is, to the best of our knowledge, your only hope.

Dogs are a lot like People

Just like your childern they are uniquley your breed, they are the Smith’s but, to raise them and teach them to behave requires gettting to know them as individules. That is were you guide and teach them and help them become the best version or who they are, not what you dreamed they would be but, who they are. That is Motley Dog Training.

From Motley and the Team

If you have ruled our dog training because you are afraid that all those rules and commands will make your dog unhappy and keep your dog from just being a dog good lookin’ out for your dog. There are many articles or posts that discuss the topic of why such a small percentage of dog people go to professional dog trainers. The major of these writings are attempts to let you know why you are wrong. We are not going with that motivation, We agree with you.

Who is your dog? The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?

Motley Dog Training is designed to help you get to know your dog. The good, the bad and the ugly. The majority of challenging canine behavior are really rooted in your dog just being a dog. Digging, chewing, biting and barking. Believe it or not, many of the most popular dogs breeds were bred for some of these behaviors, and now they just hang around the house. Your German Shepherd is likely a little concerned about why you do not like his warnings when someone or something is too close to you. He might tell you that is my job, what I was born to do.

99% of common choices in dog training are the same

Most dog training is designed to make your dog do things you want them to do on command. The process of automatic obedience requires conditioning. Does conditioning change an animal’s personality. This is a matter for future research in psychology we have no idea what a personality is but, studying them is the most fun I have had. Here are a few fun facts, conditioning is what athletes do to become athletes. Conditioning is what you do when you want a terrorist to tell you all about their friends, and conditioning is what Pavlov did to make that poor dog salivate every time it heard a bell.

Conditioning is time-consuming and does not last

Look in Colorado biking is a popular things so, you pull out the bike and say hey, I have not biked in deceades. You and I both know that there is a little question make in your head. Can I still ride a bike? You jump on and it might be a little less then a perect frist ride. This is were the saying, it is just like riding a bike came from. Unfotuanatly if you have ever tried to be disaplined in doing something that is a behavior like working out you might not find it like riding a bike. Behavior is not as forgiving a master and yes, your brain is the boss. External experiences influence but, do not always motivate or correct bad habbits.

Things about conditioning your dog trainer might not mention

Here are a few things that dog trainers might not mention, you will spend hours repeating commands and then just when you think it is over, nope. Conditioning effects are prone to extinction. What, just like dinosaurs, if you do not continue the conditioning the association will weaken over time. Here is the bad news if you condition with fear and pain there are lasting results. The funny thing is that these effects are always negative and tend to invade the dog’s life in general.

Poor Dog Training will effect who your dog is:

What do we mean that effects of painful, fearful conditioning can invade your dogs life? Just like an abused child, this changes the biochemistry of their brain and makes the more fearful in general. The worst cases we call PTSD. Dogs get PTSD just like people and since dog trainers have only recently agreed that dogs have emotions if your dog needs help you want someone that has education and experience beyond dog training.

People and Dogs do not learn by repition

Dogs do not learn by repetition, yes just like our theory that dogs have emotion, our theory of canine episodic memory and learning are taking hold. The difference is that we have been using it for decades now. Conditioning is for mastery after you lean to do it right. Just like athletes. As a matter of fact, in the early nineties we were messing around with imagined experience and practice because professional athletes and self-help gurus caught on to episodic leaning, and we borrowed it for ourselves and our dogs. See, training for both of you.

It is also true that conditioning is a one size fits all approach and unlike episodic learning does not account for a student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Universal Behaviors of Dogs

In psychology, we often break behavior into categories of universal behavior and local or individualized behavior. Some canine universal behaviors are biting, barking, jumping and scavenging. Dog are predators but, due to breeding, not all would make good hunters. All dogs due retain many of the universal predator behaviors and instincts. Like chasing small animals.

Treating dogs and people as individuals, not stereotypical groups, has always been and will always be a founding principal and Motley Dog Basic skill. We are just happy that there is a mounting body of research to support our insane ideas. We also have this nutty idea that it is your dog that tells us if what we are recommending is working or not. It is also, your job to understand your dog, not your dog’s job to understand you. This is the exact opposite philosophy used by the overwhelming majority of dog training and oddly animal behaviorists as well.

Small Victories in Dog Training

We have been to your seminars, seen your videos and even taken your classes so, yes, we check into these assertions. The good news is that things are changing a little. There are a few who strive to better understand dogs and base their services on this superior approach to dog training. We just have far more experience than most.

Motley Dog Training, what is our objective?

You will not learn a bunch of rules at Motley Dog Training unless that is your objective. We are also one of the first dog training and animal behavioral practices to implement the policy that our primary goal is to be certain your dog is happy, healthy and capable of just being a dog. Just like Veterinarians, the 1st rule is do not harm. So, really, our dog training philosophy is helping your dog enjoy just being a dog.

Motley Dog Training is not like any other

When you come to meet our trainers, you will know right away that Motley Dog Training is different and likely nothing like what you expected. Our goal was to start a business for dogs and their people that was unlike any other dog training business, and we have succeeded. As a matter of fact, even if you want dog obedience training with all the rules, our first steps are to build that foundation of understanding your dog then being certain we deal with any emotional concerns like fear, aggression and/or anxiety.

Then we can worry about obedience. Just like you or I, your dog have got to be in the best mental state to learn. So, your dog’s and maybe your mental state is where we start.

Motley Dog Training In Action

Can’t I Just Train My Own Dog?

So, can you train your own dog? If you want just the formal five or seven commands and your dog has no fear, aggression or other pending challenge, then of course you can.

Motley Dog Training was not created to collect dog training clients. We are here for the dogs and their people who need help. If you attempt to teach your dog sit, stay, down and so on, and if it does not go to plan. This is when you contact Motley. Before you choose ask yourself this questions, if DIY dog training, Dog Training on the internet or Virtual Dog Training worked why are there so many dog training businesses? We are happy to tell you if it is your technique, or you need some help with other behaviors first. Our mission is to help dogs and their people.

Motley’s Goal is to be One of the Best not the Biggest

This is also why we do not attempt to become some kind of nationwide franchise or buy a building and have lots of dog training classes, we are the specialists, the ones that are focused on your dog and you. If you are concerned that dog train will be a bad experience for your dog because of all the rules and discipline, and you just want your dog to enjoy being a dog, Motley Dog Training is for you.

If you want discipline structure and rules for your dog, once your dog is cleared psychologically, we have got that too.

A great piece of advice that our founder learned while studying under a SOCOM qualified instructor. He used to always say that “no training is better than bad training.” We could not agree more.

In Conclusion:

See, we just wanted you to know that there are better options out there for you and your dog if you do decide to find a profession dog trainer. We are really much more than just dog trainers. We are different, we do actually design your training plan for what you and your dog need. When we read these comments on the Google, we felt that you should be aware that our goal is to get you and your dog to a point where you really understand each other and your dog can truly enjoy just being a dog.

Thank you,

Motley and the Motley Dog Training Team

“Helping Dog’s Just enjoy being Dog’s”

Questions, Want to Find Out More?

If you would like to know more about why Motley Dog Training really is different, then the rest, email us with questions any time. We are not into email campaigns, we find them quite annoying. So, email with no fear.

Would you like to know of a dog treat that is more valuable to a dog, more influential, than a food reward?

Your dog’s greatest reward should be you! Yes, this is one of those Motley Dog Basics. Far better than learning sit.